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Christmas Tree Controversy at Seattle Airport

Sea-Tac removed all Christmas trees in response to a request from a rabbi who desired to put up a menorah in tribute to the Jewish holiday. Instead of granting this simple request, they removed all the Christmas trees instead! Just a little overreaction by Sea-Tac officials, wouldn’t you say?

But after the story made national news, officials reconsidered their poor decision.

The port’s commissioner admits the move to remove the trees may have been a bit hasty … after taking the trees down last week, Sea-Tac officials reconsidered. Port of Seattle Commissioner John Creighton told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: “In hindsight, we probably should have handled this in a more deliberate and thoughtful manner… I can think of at least three out of five commissioners who would like to see the trees back up.”

But why the controversy in the first place? Placing a menorah is a simple and reasonable request, as the Jewish holiday begins soon. It’s been reported the rabbi even volunteered to pay for the menorah himself so it’s not a cost issue. Why the overreaction?

While this is a ridiculous situation, at least the officials recognized their poor decision and reversed it. Perhaps a little national attention prodded them, but at least they did the right thing in the end. Everyone makes mistakes; give them credit for fixing the situation and admitting their error. Perhaps other politicians and government officials could learn from this. When you make mistakes, admit them and apologize.



  1. […] But the airport still refused to add a Menorah. The administration said they would consider that for next year. The blogosphere, always hungry for a good controversy, burst at the seams with discussions of this “assault on Christmas”. Most bloggers seem to agree that the airport overreacted by taking down the trees. Bloggers also stressing the fact that the rabbi never asked for the trees to be removed but that the airport administration made that decision. […]

  2. […] @ 2:05 pm Last year, the Seattle airport (SeaTac) made national news by banning Christmas trees (we commented on the Christmas tree issue last year). So after months of meetings did they come to a reasonable solution? Of course not. […]

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