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More on HR78 – House Democrats and vote-stuffing Corruption

In our recent entry about HR78 and Congressional Corruption, we wondered why the media isn’t reporting on such an obvious unconstitutional and corrupt act as allowing non-members of Congress to act as a full members (passed along party lines 226-191). As usual, the MSM is quite selective on what they report (don’t expect to see a 60 minutes story), but at least a few other blogs are beginning to take notice. Mary Katherine Ham (of HamNation) has an entry, and George Will wrote about it Sunday.

Perhaps Democrats will be forced by the spotlight to cancel their vote-stuffing attempt.

For background on this issue, see yesterday’s entry HR 78 – Democrats and Washington’s Culture of Corruption Continues.


HR 78 – Democrats and Washington’s Culture of Corruption Continues

It didn’t take long for House Democrats to abandon their new-found (during election season) ethics by passing HR78 (along party lines) to allow non-members of Congress voting privileges in the House (contradicting and overriding Article I Section 2 of The Constitution). The bill even allows them to serve as committee chairman! Why would they do this? Simple. Because it’s reported 80% of them are Democrats and it extends the Democrat majority. So much for campaign promises about ethics (again). As soon as a minority party becomes the majority, all commitment to ethics and integrity vaporize in a cloud of power grabbing.

Superbowl Politics

I knew right after the championships on Sunday we were in trouble. For the next two weeks we’d hear nothing but “first black coach …” before every story. But that doesn’t give them enough credit. Tony Dungy (I don’t know much about Chicago’s coach Smith) is a great man, coach and (most importantly) a good role model. Stop talking about him as a “black coach” and just a great head coach who works hard, is a good role model and deserves a chance at the big game. Apparently others feel the same way, as a recent ESPN article states.

Catching ZZZ’s During State of the Union Address

Is it too much to ask of people in Congress to stay awake for 60 minutes once a year? Snoozing during the President’s address is rude — they should be ashamed: McCain, Biden, Wyden, and others (Kennedy didn’t look too good either). If it’s too much to ask for them to at least appear to be interested (Hillary did a good job at it, as well as the Speaker), perhaps they should resign. (And if you missed it on TV, it appeared the first person hustling out of the chamber was …. John Kerry!)

Social Security and Fiscal Responsibility

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke recently warned congress Social Security and entitlement programs can seriously harm the economy if not dealt with. It’s nice to see someone sound the alarm about dangerous consequences if the Social Security mess isn’t cleaned up. In 2017 Social Security heads into a negative cash position — it needs to be fixed now, the longer the wait, the worse the fix will be.

24, Olbermann, Newsweek, and Propaganda

The Fox show “24” certainly makes news. It’s been called a “neo-con sex fantasy” by Newsweek, and MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann (no fan of anything Fox) calls it a “commercial for one political party”. Yet missing in the news is 24 can be used as far-right or far-left propaganda. (And besides, it’s really fiction, a point missed by all the hot-air commentators).

Malibu Fires and Congressional funding of the President’s Troop Surge

After the fires in Malibu, an interesting story surfaced after the destruction of Suzanne Somers’ beach-front home. When interviewed, she made strange comments which immediately met strong response. Her remarks relate to Congress as they consider not funding the President’s “troop surge” (Senator Kennedy’s idea).