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Malibu Fires and Congressional funding of the President’s Troop Surge

After the fires in Malibu, an interesting story surfaced after the destruction of Suzanne Somers’ beach-front home. When interviewed, she made strange comments which immediately met strong response. Her remarks relate to Congress as they consider not funding the President’s “troop surge” (Senator Kennedy’s idea).

“My nature is to look at the glass half full. I don’t have a son or daughter in Iraq. I haven’t lost a loved one. We will rebuild, and I truly believe we will learn something great from this experience.”

Oops. Just like Kerry’s “get an education or you’ll get stuck in Iraq” statement, she might have really meant it as a slam against the military, or perhaps she said something she didn’t really mean the way it came out. But response was swift.

She’s going to learn something from this experience? Yes, she’s going to learn how to tell her assistant to call the insurance company that is going to pay for a brand-new multi million dollar home to be rebuilt on the same site. What she should have learned in the last several years after the World Trade Center burned down, is that it is an honorable and proud thing to have a loved one serving this nation and defending freedom.

She owes her remarkable existence, in all its absurdity and wealth, to those who have made a sacrifice, yes, even greater than hers. She ponders how lucky she is that she doesn’t have a family member serving this nation and protecting our freedom, when instead she should get on her knees and thank those who do that dangerous and thankless work.

If I was standing next to smoldering ruins where my house used to be, making political statements would not be high on my to-do list. It appears some on the far left really don’t support the troops and take any opportunity to bash them — any situtation can be used to slip in a barb against men and women in uniform. I’m willing to give Mrs. Somers a pass on this one as she’s under stress and might not have meant it they way it came out (perhaps she’ll release a “clarification” statement).

But a bigger issue presets itself — no matter how you feel about the Administration’s policies, speaking poorly or withholding funding for the troops (as Senator Kennedy wants to) is mean, unethical and just plain wrong. Disagree about policy, sure, but denying men and women in uniform equipment and supplies just to make a political statement? Unacceptable. Anyone who claims to support the troops could never do such a thing. Either you suport the troops, or (as the far leftist fringe does) hate the troops and don’t mind if they’re under-equipped and hurt as a result. Which is it Senator Kennedy?

We should be increasing funding for our troops. Policy is open to debate, discussion, and change, but supporting people in uniform with needed equipment isn’t. Not providing equipment is unethical, immoral, and wrong. Reading about National Guard troops who volunteered for combat service being forced to use plywood and sand bags for armor on their trucks, and then hearing Senator Kennedy desire not to fund their much-needed equipment is disgusting.

Hopefully, Congress gets this right, but I doubt it as political maneuvering rules everything in Washington; holding people hostage to hurt President Bush is just the latest dirty-trick de jour.

Fund the troops, disagree on the Administration’s policy.


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