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A Voice of Reason

We had an article all written about “Air Pelosi” (the Speaker’s attempt to get the military to give her a personal 757), but noticed two things. First, CBS News, Fox News, Washington Times, and ABC News have all covered the story (finally); it should be obvious to any reasonable person requesting a personal 757 is absurd when the Air Force has smaller and less expensive planes to use.

But second, the Air Pelosi scandal again demonstrates the nasty and partisan tone in Washington, where every story blows up into an all-out partisan war (As usual, both sides in the Air Pelosi dispute are wrong. The speaker should simply take the transportation provided by the Air Force without grumbling, and if she did, the use for political purposes by the Republicans would be eliminated).

Instead, let’s consider a voice from the past:

It’s okay to be a skeptic, but don’t be a cynic. It’s okay to raise good questions, but don’t assume the worst. It’s okay to report difficulties, but it’s equally good to report victories.

Yes, we have problems and of course it’s going to be difficult to pass these things, but why should we be afraid of them? That is freedom.

Gingrich may be many things, but that clip shows the voice of reason. Question, yes, but don’t assume (and hope) the worst so your opposition looks bad. Disagree, but with civility and rational debate. There is much debate possible on most issues, but why can’t disagreement come with less nastiness? Why can’t Washington return to a civil tone? Yes, there are differences, but why can’t they all just roll up their sleeves and get something done?

Today, we see candidate John Edwards scold, but not fire, two of his bloggers for nasty things they’ve said. Their opinions aren’t important (you can agree or not), but why can’t they speak without profanity and nastiness? That’s the tone which needs to change. Disagreement is fine, but everyone should agree there’s too much incivility in the discussion.

The intense hatred and vile words needs to stop; Washington and the blogsphere contain too much nastiness.


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