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Lane County Income Tax – More Oregon Budget Insanity

Oregon continues to lead the nation in fiscal irresponsibility. Lane County decided they want more money, and just months after voters voted down an income tax Lane County decides to impose it anyway — reaching into the wallets of citizens after those citizens told the council a loud “NO” in the recent election. Why bother voting? Citizens are just serfs serving the needs of royal leaders.

The 1.1% income tax vote was 3-2 with Council members Bill Dwyer, Bobby Green, and Faye Stewart voting to ignore the will of the voters and put themselves above the citizens they represent. Those three feel they’re entitled to whatever they want, voters will be dammed.

What’s interesting is how this will all work. According to the Register-Guard the reason this tax is needed is “to cover the possible loss of $20 million annually in federal money”. Note the possible word. What will happen if the funding comes through? They’ll drop the silly and already voted-down tax, right? Nope. “The board will lower the tax if Congress comes through…”. It’s so nice of the royal leaders to allow the serfs to graciously keep some of their money.

Again and again, bureaucrats believe they’re entitled to dip into your wallet whenever they want, and once a tax is enacted, it’s permanent — in this case even if the reason it’s enacted is no longer needed. The county spent a pile of money trying to convince voters to approve the tax last year (even using deceptive wording in the ballot language), and then spent another pile to find out why it was defeated. How about saving all that money and just looking at the results of the election? What part of NO are they having a problem with? Perhaps they have a language problem, in which case remedial tutoring is in order.

Oregon leads the nation in fiscal irresponsibility. The governor wants a 20% increase in the budget (that’s right, 20%), but still wants to increase taxes. Now Lane County brazenly ignores voters and imposes what was already defeated in the last election. We can only hope the voters of Lane County step up and repeal this brazen attempt to ignore citizens, and then recall the 3 kings (oops, council members) who idiotically decided to ignore the citizens they represent (or in their mind, the serfs who serve them).

Oregon has a lot of great reasons to live there, but the fiscal irresponsibility of representatives ignoring voters and plunging the state into fiscal crisis isn’t among them. Ordinary people have to budget, prioritize and live within their means — it’s time government did the same and stopped reaching into citizen’s wallets any time they want.



  1. Colin says:

    In the debate that has now arisen in response to Lane County’s new income tax, the most fundamental wrong will likely be ignored. While advocacy groups and organizations from various segments of society (the poor, the rich, small business, big business, government employees, elected officials, tax-payers, service-receivers and so on) will argue their case based on the adverse affects that the new tax will have on them and their own collective interests – the interest of the individual will not be factored in the debate at all.

    Indeed, the philosophically consistent ideal that our country was founded on; that legitimate government action is undertaken only by the consent of the governed, has been sacrificed here for the sake of what those such as the Register Guard have demanded in this debate: “bold leadership.”

    In fact, it is cowardice.

    The commissioners, under the pretence that they are to uphold democratic values (which would actually be “bold leadership”) have so quickly and rashly bowed to the most base and reprehensible form of “boldness” in human nature – to use force against the governed and their individual rights. Remember, these are the rights which enabled us as individuals to elect these representatives in the first place.

    I lament that the greatest sacrifice in this decision will not be borne by the leaders themselves, nor by the many groups now clamoring (from both sides) about the costs involved, but it will be borne by the liberty of each of us, which continues to be traded away at so cheap a price to swindlers whose only service in return is an ever-growing hunger for more.

  2. […] Oh, and did their campaign succeed? It did not. The county imposed the tax anyway. […]

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