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Constitutional Interpretation – Errors with the Second Amendment

The uproar over the second amendment after the recent court decision brought a new spotlight to an issue which died down in recent years. What exactly does the second amendment mean? Does it apply to individuals? Or only the military? Errors are common in this discussion, as Matthew Dennis illustrates in his opinion piece.


Democrats, Pork and Iraq – Politics as Usual

CNN notes Democrats have resorted to the time-proven method of Pork handouts to pass a bill. They’ve attached a date for troop pullout from Iraq to the military funding bill, but the idea is so unpopular they’re resorting to using Pork to gain votes. It just shows no matter who is in charge, the results are the same — wasteful spending and corruption to attain goals the majority party wants. Where is ending the culture of corruption the Democrats promised? Where is fiscal responsibility?

The Gore-y Details on Global Warming

Today’s hypocrisy award goes to … Al Gore and his refusal to take the “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” during his testimony on global warming before Congress — meaning his personal house could consume no more energy than the average house. When asked, Gore refused, perhaps because his house is reported to use 20 times more energy than the average home uses.

Mr. Edwards and the Global Warming McMansion

Today’s hypocrisy award goes to … John Edwards for his new 28,000 square foot home (McMansion), it’s energy usage and the corresponding excessive carbon output (global warming, don’t you know). While he wants to cap the carbon output for everyone else, it’s acceptable for him because he’s purchasing “carbon offsets”. In other words, if you’re rich enough, it doesn’t matter how you live (or how much you contribute to global warming) provided you use a small part of your wealth to “offset” the damage you do to the planet.

Why the Federal Budget is a Train Wreck

Here’s a classic example of why the Federal budget is a disaster. The FCC mandated a transition from analog to digital TV signals, meaning your old “rabbit-ears” won’t work anymore. If you have an old TV, you’ll need to either replace it, or buy a box to receive the digital signal and convert it to analog (much like old TV’s needed a box when cable TV first came out — yes, we’re dating ourselves). The elimination of analog TV may or may not be a good idea, but the solution proposed by the Department of Commerce to assist in the transition is absurd and a stunning example of fiscal irresponsibility.

A Modest Proposal – Nine Nineties in Nine

Anyone watching political debates knows they’ve degraded into useless infomercials instead of debates. The candidates never answer the question posed, instead launching into prepared monologues while the moderator (probably restrained by the rules) never gets to challenge them. But a recent event featuring Republican Newt Gingrich and Democrat Mario Cuomo showed a real debate is possible — with disagreement yet civility. Gingrich and Cuomo squared off with no rules; each made a 30 minute statement and then answered questions from moderator Tim Russert. What are the odds any Republicrat candidates accepting such terms? One candidate has accepted the challenge and agreed to nine ninety minute debates in nine weeks. Will anyone else step up?

Gardasil and Government Vaccine Requirements

The recent storm about Gardasil (the vaccine to prevent some types of cervical cancer, sometimes spelled Gardisil) being mandated by the government misses the real issue. It’s not about being untested, or the cost. The real issue is why should this be forced onto citizens?