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Why the Federal Budget is a Train Wreck

Here’s a classic example of why the Federal budget is a disaster. The FCC mandated a transition from analog to digital TV signals, meaning your old “rabbit-ears” won’t work anymore. If you have an old TV, you’ll need to either replace it, or buy a box to receive the digital signal and convert it to analog (much like old TV’s needed a box when cable TV first came out — yes, we’re dating ourselves). The elimination of analog TV may or may not be a good idea, but the solution proposed by the Department of Commerce to assist in the transition is absurd and a stunning example of fiscal irresponsibility.

Their idea? Give people a $40 credit for buying the box! We’ll bet you didn’t know TV is in the national interest. Total cost: about $1 billion. TV is the best use of one billion dollars of taxpayer money? Not paying down the debt, working to fix social security, entitlements and healthcare? With ridiculous ideas like this, it’s no wonder why the federal budget is a train wreck, and the country heads for fiscal disaster.

News flash to the government: TV is not the best use of taxpayer money and most definitely is not a national priority. And while we’re making blinding statements of the obvious, running with scissors isn’t a good idea either (in case you didn’t get the memo after the taxpayer funded million dollar study).

Let the article speak for itself:

Analog TVs will no longer receive a signal come Feb. 19, 2009, unless users update their hardware to receive a digital signal.

Federal officials announced details Monday about how that transition will work, saying the government will help consumers buy the necessary equipment to upgrade to digital — a converter box that attaches to the TV set.

The Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) said it is setting aside $990 million to pay for the boxes. Each home can request up to two $40 coupons for a digital-to-analog converter box, which consumer electronics makers such as RCA and LG plan to produce.


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