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Democrats, Pork and Iraq – Politics as Usual

CNN notes Democrats have resorted to the time-proven method of Pork handouts to pass a bill. They’ve attached a date for troop pullout from Iraq to the military funding bill, but the idea is so unpopular they’re resorting to using Pork to gain votes. It just shows no matter who is in charge, the results are the same — wasteful spending and corruption to attain goals the majority party wants. Where is ending the culture of corruption the Democrats promised? Where is fiscal responsibility?

NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: With today’s convening of the 110th Congress, we begin anew.

FRANKEN (voice over): That was the rallying cry from the Democrats, the wheeling and dealing and hidden pork barrel spending would be no more. Fast forward just 10 weeks.

Democratic leaders face their biggest challenge so far. The legislation providing $124 billion in war funding combine with a troop pullout from Iraq next year. They’re using every tool at their command, the same tools they criticized the Republicans for using. Good, old-fashioned pork.

REP. DAVID DREIER (R-CA): It enjoys such limited support on the other side of the aisle that it had to be laden with unrelated — unrelated — pork in order to win enough votes to have any hope of passing.

REP. MARK KIRK (R-IL): It would provide $25 million in a bailout for spinach farmers. Another $74 million in taxpayer dollars for peanut storage, and $283 million for milk producers.

FRANKEN: Democratic leaders insist this is not pork. It’s not just peanut storage, but money for spinach farmers, and dairy farmers, billions by the way, definitely not peanuts. But Republicans are cutting them no slack.

REP. CANDICE MILLER (R-MI): The Democratic leaders offered the voters change in November. But all we are getting — all the nation is getting — is politics worse than usual. [Read the full CNN transcript]

Of course, Democrats say it’s not pork (just completely unrelated to military spending, and only added to garner votes). We’ll call it pork, even if they don’t have the integrity to.

MSNBC adds this comment to the pork-fest:

With Democrats holding 233 seats and Republicans with 201, Democrats were able to afford only 15 “no” votes. Accordingly, Pelosi, and her leadership team spent days trying to convince members that the bill was Congress’ best chance of forcing Bush to change course — an argument that was aided when they added more than $20 billion in domestic spending in an effort to lure votes.

It just shows if you thought you were voting for change in the last election, you’ve been swindled. It didn’t take long for the promised Democrat ethics to go out the window, and soon after their promise of fiscal responsibility. Democrats and Republicans — two sides of the same coin. They’re both addicted to pork and political tricks to get their agenda done.


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