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Bill Clinton on “24”

A few months ago, Keith Olbermann ranted about the TV show “24”, calling it propaganda for one political party and other bizarre conjectures. But it appears he’s off on his own little island, as even Bill Clinton thinks the show is fair as it makes both the left and the right look foolish at times, just as we reported when Olbermann’s tirade became public.

From a discussion of Clinton’s favorite TV Shows:

“And even though an uber right-wing guy writes it, ’24,’ ” said Clinton, who added that he enjoys the fact that conservatives and liberals alike can be the bad guys in the show.

“They’re trying to be fair,” Clinton said.

It just shows how far out of the mainstream Mr. Olbermann is — even Bill Clinton disagrees. Any reasonable person watching the show knows two things: first, it’s fiction, and second, it takes turns showing the left and right foolish. No reasonable person takes it seriously as public policy — “24” is no more real than the portrayal of hospitals in “Gray’s Anatomy”.

Relax Keith, it’s just a fictional show for entertainment only (but then, so is “Countdown”).


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