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Who’s afraid of FOX?

It appears many Democratic candidates are afraid of a debate because it’s hosted by (gasp!) Fox News. Besides their reasons being absurd, this decision reveals problems with their character as Jay Leno humorously points out:

Jay Leno: Well, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John Edwards as well as a number of other Democratic candidates say they will not participate in a presidential debate next month because the debate is on Fox News and Fox News is biased. Well, how are you going to stand up to terrorists when you’re afraid of Fox News? [audience laughter]

Leno goes for the laughs, but has a point. It’s well-documented most media leans left and is biased toward Democrats, so on debates hosted by CNN, CBS or MSNBC the candidates would naturally feel as if they’re on their own “home turf”. But to stay away from Fox because they claim they’re biased? What they really mean is they might have to answer tough questions, and the one thing a candidate doesn’t want to do is answer questions.

We’d venture a guess these Democrats won’t be interested in the Nine Nineties in Nine pledge either. Any real candidate (from either side of the isle) should join the Nine Nineties in Nine debate pledge; the country would be much better off with a real discussion of the issues, conducted in a dignified, civilized way. (Rudy Giuliani is on board, why not the rest of the candidates? If you’ve got good ideas, we’d think a candidate would be motivated to get their ideas out.)

But Leno is correct, if you’re afraid of a debate hosted by Fox, are you qualified to handle tough political situations where the opposition is much more hostile? We think not.


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  1. Keith Nichols says:

    OK! So I’m on the other side of the fence. Just as it’s increasingly hard for the “conservative” element in politics to see the justification in the “liberal” side of issues, and vis versa, it’s virtually impossible for citizens to get relatively unbiased reporting. As much as I apparently share Keith Olbermans’ view of the administrations policies and ethics, I quit watching because it gets too easy to accept the “line” when you only get sarcasm and snippets of audio/visual bites. Of Course, on your side of the fence, no one is more artful at that than Bill O’Rielly!!
    I do think it a bit silly of the Democratic candidates to avoid FOX for a debate amongst themselves; just as long as FOX doesn’t have an antagonist as a moderator or biased “wrap-up”. The coup of having the Democratic hopefuls should give them enough muscle to make adequate arrangements to keep FOX from exercising the O’Rielly treatment to the debate.
    I personally would prefer that ABC or NBC would make available opportunities for the major parties to conduct debates amoung their candidates in the format and the choice of moderators of their choosing.

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