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The Existence of Evil – Will We Ever Learn?

After any tragedy some people attempt to use it for political gain. Actions after 9/11 led to the Patriot Act (which many members of Congress passed without reading), and now after the tragedy at Virginia Tech the gun control lobby is at it again, attempting to take political advantage of the situation even before all the facts are known. But the real problem is groups denying the existence of evil; those who deny its existence have vastly different methods of handling these situations than those who know evil is real.

There’s a lot of talk about how banning guns would have prevented the VTech tragedy. When you think about it the truth of the matter is the two largest massacres on American soil in the last 80 years were not committed by Americans, but by foreign men here on student visas.

The weapons of choice were different: airplanes versus firearms. Interesting, after September 11th, even as airplanes and box cutters were used to murder 3,000 people, no one called for the banning of those items, both of which had now been proven to be weapons of mass destruction.

Yet, when it comes to the VTech massacre, the rhetoric revolves not around the common factor of these events of mass murder–foreign men on student visas–but how ‘lax gun laws’ allowed this to happen.

One Roanoke editorialist has actually called for the repeal of the Second Amendment as a response to the tragedy. Of course, if we are to react to the facts of these mass murders, we would be repealing student visas. But we certainly can’t let facts get in the way here. Nope. For the left, the only thing that matters is finding a way to manipulate this horrible event to further their own agenda.

Last time we looked, murder was illegal, and from what has been reported, VT doesn’t allow guns on campus. So this guy already broke multiple laws — are more laws going to help? The shooter knew the VT campus was a gun-free zone, enabling him to carry out his rampage relatively unopposed.

Evil is real and doesn’t follow the rules.

Stopping crazies hell-bent on killing people isn’t as simple as the gun-control lobby would like you to believe; if you’re going to mass murder people, will the thought of breaking one more law stop you? History says no (and we think the gun-control lobby knows as well). Preventing crazies from their rampages is difficult at best; adding more laws won’t help, but quicker interaction and intervention for troubled people (and keeping them off the streets completely), along with better equipped and trained law enforcement might.

But as the left pushes again for (more) gun control, they’re generally against longer prison sentences and stricter and quicker intervention of people demonstrating obvious signs of deranged behavior, which might keep crazies off the streets to begin with (after all, every day in every way we’re getting better and better).

For those who don’t want to admit evil exists, please greet Mr. Roarke for us as we won’t be making the trip with you; away from Fantasy Island the existence of evil isn’t questioned or doubted.

Evil is real and doesn’t follow the rules.

States that allowed citizens to carry concealed handguns reduced multiple-shooting attacks by 60 percent and reduced the death and injury from these attacks by nearly 80 percent.

Apparently, even crazy people prefer targets that can’t shoot back. The reason schools are consistently popular targets for mass murderers is precisely because of all the idiotic “Gun-Free School Zone” laws.

Oh by the way, the other major “Gun-Free Zone” in America is the post office.

Needless to say, Virginia Tech is a Gun-Free School Zone — at least until last Monday. The gunman must not have known. Imagine his embarrassment! Perhaps there should be signs.

Virginia Tech even prohibits students with concealed-carry permits from carrying their guns on campus. Last year, the school disciplined a student for carrying a gun on campus, despite his lawful concealed-carry permit. If only someone like that had been in Norris Hall on Monday, this massacre could have been ended a lot sooner.

But last January, the Virginia General Assembly shot down a bill that would have prevented universities like Virginia Tech from giving sanctuary to mass murderers on college campuses in Virginia by disarming students with concealed-carry permits valid in the rest of the state.

Virginia Tech spokesman Larry Hincker praised the legislature for allowing the school to disarm lawful gun owners on the faculty and student body, thereby surrendering every college campus in the state to deranged mass murderers, saying: “I’m sure the university community is appreciative of the General Assembly’s actions because this will help parents, students, faculty and visitors feel safe on our campus.”

Of course, feeling safe and being safe are two different things (as we’re sure Mr. Hincker understands now). That’s the problem with people promoting feel-good solutions to the existence of evil — only too late do they realize crazy mass-murderers ignore their plans to create a utopia. We hope Mr. Hincker has a better understanding of the issue now — evil is real and doesn’t follow the rules.

On some college campuses, even the “security” staff is unarmed. How should they respond to an attack? Ask the perpetrator how they feel about their mother? Tea and crumpets? Or perhaps open up a “dialogue” to better “understand” how they “feel” and their “reasons” for these actions (it’s not really their fault you know, they had a tough childhood). Unarmed security (or anyone else) is useless unless you’re lost and need directions; they’re simply not equipped to handle the real situation: evil.

The ugly truth is evil exists, and the only solution is to meet it with force. No civilized person wants war or violence, but rational people understand evil doesn’t follow the rules. If you’ve ever stared in the face of evil you understand at least two things: its real, and it can’t be bargained or negotiated with. Evil must be met with force; denying people the ability to use force to combat evil is wrong and leads to disaster.

That’s the truth when you live in reality and not on Fantasy Island.


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