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NASCAR Gets it Right – Will Other Sports Follow?

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve seen many disgusting displays by both fans and athletes alike. The NBA should be renamed National Brawling Association; we’ve seen players assault fans (and the reverse), while football has drug addicts, criminals and other miscreants. Unfortunately, the players unions always oppose any reasonable punishment; are these really what we want as role models? But NASCAR got it right; when fans threw objects on the track after Sunday’s race, they were arrested and permanently banned from the track.

Talladega Superspeedway has permanently banned 14 fans from buying tickets at the speedway following their arrests Sunday for throwing objects on the track after Jeff Gordon’s victory in the Aaron’s 499.

A number of fans began throwing beer cans after Gordon won the race under caution, passing the late Dale Earnhardt – a Talladega favorite – in career wins.

Talladega officials had issued warnings before the race that fans caught throwing objects over the fence separating the grandstands from the track would be arrested.

We say, it’s about time. If you can’t act civilized, you should be banned for life from attendance. And if you can’t play civilized, you shouldn’t be allowed to make millions of dollars chasing a bouncing ball.

Permanent bans for sick behavior (for both fans and athletes alike) – it’s about time. We hope the NBA and the NFL (and the NCAA) are paying attention, but we doubt it.


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