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JUNIOR! (Motorsports, that is)

If you’ve missed the news, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leaving DEI at the end of the year. NASCAR’s most popular driver is now a free agent. Where will he go? Start his own cup team with his own JR Motorsports? Hendrick? RCR? Joe Gibbs Racing? Or somewhere else?

We’d like to see Jr. end up with RCR Racing driving the 3 car. But who knows? Starting his own team is not an easy thing (Just ask Waltrip), so going to an existing team is most logical if he wants to win championships. Hendrick already has Gordon and Johnson, and a full house of drivers.

But RCR? With Harvick, Burton and Jr., we could see a lot of championships from RCR in the future. And after all, RCR still has the 3 number. Hmmm… Jr. in a black 3 Chevrolet? NASCAR would be the better for it, and it would be a good fit for Junior.

Whatever he does, it means a lot of people will be buying new hats … and shirts … and cars … and ….


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