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Media Contributions to Political Causes

Have a look at journalists who’ve written checks for political purposes. The media always claims to be unbiased, but looking at the list shows a whole lot more going to Democrats than Republicans. Of course, no one gives up their right to support their causes when they become a journalist, but when the majority goes to Democrats, where is the balance?

The media generally leans left to far-left, but when the majority of newsrooms are Democrats, are they really able to report the news fairly and without bias? Of course not. Everyone has bias, but if you have people from all sides reporting a story it’s much more likely to be reported fairly and accurately. But with the majority leaning left, is this really possible?

A few of the noteworthy contributions:

(D) ABC News, Mary Fulginiti, “Primetime” correspondent, Hollywood, Calif., $500 to Gov. Bill Richardson, Democratic presidential candidate, 2007. Before she joined ABC in November 2006, lawyer Fulginiti gave $6,000 to Democratic candidates.

(D) CBS News, producer, Edward H. Forgotson Jr., “CBS Sunday Morning,” $1,000 in June 2006 to Patrick J. Kennedy, Democrat, the Rhode Island congressman and son of Sen. Ted Kennedy. The donation was made two weeks after Kennedy pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of prescription drugs in an accident on Capitol Hill.

(D) Fox News Channel, Codie Brooks, researcher for Brit Hume’s “Special Report,” $300 to Senate campaign of Harold Ford Jr., Tennessee Democrat, in March 2006, $200 more in June, and $2,100 more in September.

You should always get your news from multiple sources. ABC/CBS/NBC are almost in lockstep, and CNN doesn’t vary from their script much either. MSNBC and PBS go further left (Keith Olbermann, Bill Moyers, etc), but for stories you won’t here in the other media, look at Fox News (they actually have liberals at Fox, so it’s not the one-sided conservative station you’ve been led to believe, just that they air stories you will never see on ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PBS, et al). Also, read some international news occasionally, starting with the London Telegraph.

The problem isn’t bias (everyone has some), but when nobody in the newsroom thinks differently no checks or balances exist. With the media overwhelmingly left and far-left, it’s no wonder liberal bias is obvious and unavoidable in most mainstream media.

And by the way, it’s one reason presidential administrations have problems — everyone thinks in lockstep. You need alternative, intelligent opposing views from civilized people who can intelligently express ideas. For Republican administrations needing balance, we’d consider Dennis Kucinich for the opposing view, while for Democrats, Newt Gingrich. We certainly don’t agree with all their ideas, but these two men can at least speak intelligently about issues (without being nasty), and may bring ideas to light you haven’t thought of. Both are worth your time.


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