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Lane County Wants Help with Budget

Now Lane County is asking for help with the budget from citizens. But will they listen?

Looking to the public for guidance, the five-member board will take the problem to the people in town-hall-style meetings starting later this month. But it’s anybody’s guess whether the public will bother to turn out. Last year, few citizens showed up for hearings about a proposed income tax to expand county public safety work. Voters then killed an income tax plan – twice.

Perhaps the public knows they’re not really listening. How many times have the Commissioners been told public safety is job number one? Yet they’re still on a hiring binge (see for yourself at http://www.co.lane.or.us/jobs/), and then cut sheriff and jail jobs? Is anybody out there?

Here’s a recap of recent news detailing failed fiscal policy. Citizens have spoken clearly on this issue, but consider the following and judge for yourself – are they listening?

Come on Commissioners, you’ve been told many times what citizens want, why can’t you do it?


More PC Christmas Tree Controversy at Seattle Airport

Last year, the Seattle airport (SeaTac) made national news by banning Christmas trees (we commented on the Christmas tree issue last year). So after months of meetings did they come to a reasonable solution? Of course not. Instead of Christmas trees, they’re “peace and harmony” trees.

Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart Cuts Public Safety

Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart again complains about not enough money for the County, while presiding over cuts in public safety. But why is the county still hiring? Commissioner Stewart obviously hasn’t heard the public when they state safety is number one priority. Why does Commissioner Stewart preside over cuts in public safety, while the county continues its hiring binge? (We’ve reported on the County’s hiring binge before, and nothing has changed since May 2007).

Sheehan Challenges San Fran Nan

In what will be the most entertaining political race in the next election, Cindy Sheehan steps up to challenge Speaker Pelosi. Even in the uber-leftist land of San Francisco, we doubt she has much chance of winning as an independent. If she ran as a Democrat, perhaps.

Her reasons are Pelosi failed to impeach President Bush, and if Madam Speaker doesn’t begin impeachment by the end of the month, Sheehan will announce running against the sitting speaker. We’re not big fans of San Fran Nan, but at least she has some experience. It’s unlikely the Speaker views this as much of a threat – Sheehan’s supporters are a minority even in the far-left universe of San Francisco.

Sheehan’s challenge does unmask one of the strange political issues regarding Iraq. Why if all the Democrats state ending the war is a priority, do they continue to fund it? Setting sunset dates is ridiculous. All the Democrats have to do (since they’re in the majority) is stop funding the war and it’s ended. The other option is to de-authorize it and the President must bring the troops home in accordance with the War Powers Act.

Why do they continue to posture but never really do anything? Hillary goes so far to say when (if) she’s president, she’ll end the war. But she can do that now, so why if it’s so bad do Democrats continue it? Perhaps in this battle Sheehan started we’ll find out.

No matter what, get your popcorn, this will be fun to watch. It’s the far-left verses the even far-lefter.

Bush Commutes Libby Sentence

President Bush commuted the prison sentence of Libby, leaving the fines and other parts of the sentence intact. Naturally, Democrats are upset. But where were these same Democrats when President Clinton had some rather bizarre pardons (to say the least) in his last hours in office?

Nothing changes in Washington. When someone in their party does something, it’s always acceptable. If it’s the other party, oh the outrage! (Hillary should watch what she says as she states President Bush’s belief his administration is above the law. Pot, meet kettle).

The sad thing is his conviction has nothing to do with national security or anything else. The new trend in political trials (starting with Bill Clinton) is to continue to question someone about details long ago until discrepancies arise. Then BAM! Perjury. Libby was not convicted of leaking classified information, or any other crime related to national security. It was a witch hunt, pure and simple.

National Guard Combat Medic Crowned Miss Utah

A nice change occurred in Utah as a National Guard combat medic is crowned Miss Utah. Sometimes nice people really do finish first. As we continue to see scandals, drugs and the “me-first” mentality of politicians, athletes, and others, it’s nice to see someone actually consider others first.

Jill Stevens can look like a tough and gritty soldier one day and a beauty queen the next. As a sergeant in the Utah National Guard, she’s a combat medic who spent a year in Afghanistan patching up injured troops back in 2004 and 2005.

This past Friday, the 24-year-old self-described “electric” person, nicknamed “Smiles,” was crowned Miss Utah.

Utah Guard spokesman Maj. Hank McIntire said having a Miss America 2008 contestant among the ranks here is a positive thing. It draws attention to the Guard in a unique way,” McIntire said. “You don’t typically see a beauty queen in combat boots.”

Stevens’ title, he said, adds a new dimension to the kinds of things a Guard member can accomplish. He said the new Miss Utah will serve as a role model for young women who might not otherwise consider joining the Guard.

“She has a legitimate shot at winning Miss America,” McIntire said. “Just because of the kind of person she is.”

And she runs marathons too! After all the garbage in today’s news, we thought something on the positive side was in order.

Oregon’s Huge Spending Increases Aren’t Enough

In short, more taxes are need. We’ve chronicled Oregon’s bizarre lust after more public money (and failure to adequately fund a reserve, in spite of huge revenue increases), from the Governor proposing 20% more in spending, to Senate President Courtney (D) saying that wasn’t enough, and now just as the legislature adjourns, House Leader Hunt (D) saying the billions more in spending this year isn’t enough.

Citizens guard your wallets, the Democrats are coming, and they’re hungry.