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Oregon’s Huge Spending Increases Aren’t Enough

In short, more taxes are need. We’ve chronicled Oregon’s bizarre lust after more public money (and failure to adequately fund a reserve, in spite of huge revenue increases), from the Governor proposing 20% more in spending, to Senate President Courtney (D) saying that wasn’t enough, and now just as the legislature adjourns, House Leader Hunt (D) saying the billions more in spending this year isn’t enough.

Citizens guard your wallets, the Democrats are coming, and they’re hungry.

House Leader Hunt (D) wants to increase the Democrat majority to 36, to avoid any pesky debate about raising taxes. With a “supermajority”, Democrats by themselves could raise taxes as much as they wanted, without needing any bipartisan support. Swell.

Bringing their majority to 36 would be enough to overcome the three-fifths “supermajority” requirement for revenue-raising bills.

House Majority Leader Dave Hunt said despite the $2.5 billion run-up in spending on education, public safety and human services, “we need to do even more, and to do that, we’re going to need additional resources.”

The Gladstone Democrat cited the stalled efforts to get passed an increase in the corporate minimum tax for higher education, an increase in real estate filing fees to expand affordable housing units, and the plan to raise license-plate fees to jump-start highway projects.

Translation: 20% increase with billions more in spending still isn’t enough. We need tax increases to continue to meet our needs for an increased spending “fix”. Just as the heroin addict continually craves more drugs, the spending addicts in Oregon government crave spending other people’s money.

They don’t call ’em tax-and-spend Democrats for nothing. Oregon has turned into the poster-child for reckless spending and irresponsible fiscal policy. Just a few years ago Oregon made national news for fiscal disaster (with no reserve fund), and now with additional billions in revenue pouring in, Oregon Democrats in the legislature decide to spend it all (and call for still more revenue in taxes) instead of putting some away in a reserve fund. (Actually, they raided the refund to corporations and put a few pennies away).

When the inevitable downturn in the economy happens, how can they maintain this spending binge? The house of cards will come crashing down and citizens of Oregon will suffer.


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  1. Marvin McConoughey says:

    Good question: “When the inevitable downturn in the economy happens, how can they maintain this spending binge?” Most likely state government spending will decline a bit and taxes will rise. By “taxes” I include all the fees, charges, penalties, surcharges, and other clever vocabulary that a hungry and desperate government can find, borrow, or invent. If the state constitution is an obstacle, it can be ignored or worked around, as shown currently in the legislative decision to go to annual sessions {the trick here is to call the move an experiment). It is conceivable that Oregon will escape a national recession, but our recent history during recessions does not justify that view.

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