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Bush Commutes Libby Sentence

President Bush commuted the prison sentence of Libby, leaving the fines and other parts of the sentence intact. Naturally, Democrats are upset. But where were these same Democrats when President Clinton had some rather bizarre pardons (to say the least) in his last hours in office?

Nothing changes in Washington. When someone in their party does something, it’s always acceptable. If it’s the other party, oh the outrage! (Hillary should watch what she says as she states President Bush’s belief his administration is above the law. Pot, meet kettle).

The sad thing is his conviction has nothing to do with national security or anything else. The new trend in political trials (starting with Bill Clinton) is to continue to question someone about details long ago until discrepancies arise. Then BAM! Perjury. Libby was not convicted of leaking classified information, or any other crime related to national security. It was a witch hunt, pure and simple.

If you’re going to go after criminal cases, at least make them criminal. If you question anyone long enough, you’re bound to be able to get a perjury case.

But the other issue to remember is the President has broad authority to pardon. In general, it’s a good thing, But sometimes it’s abused. Today’s outraged Democrats (including Hillary) stood silent years ago for President Clinton’s pardons (Marc Rich, et al), and also forget Clinton himself admitted perjury and had no penalty at all.

Let’s at least have some consistency.

Tammy Bruce’s comments are also worth noting:

On the Libby topic, I still feel Fitzgerald, the prosecutor, should be himself investigation for continuing for years with the supposed CIA leak investigation when he knew within the first two weeks that it was a gossipy Richard Armitage who revealed Valerie Plame’s position in the CIA. Despite having the answer he was charged with finding, Fitzgerald continued, and managed, after spending millions of tax-payer dollars and two years, to convict Scooter Libby of remembering a conversation with a reporter differently than the reporter.

… Libby deserved better considering he was the fall-guy for a prosecutor who somehow had to justify his two-year persecution of the Bush administration even after knowing that no one on the White House, no one anywhere deliberately or maliciously “outted” Plame. But the president suddenly loves the ‘process’ so much he wouldn’t wipe that man’s record clean. Whatever.


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