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Sheehan Challenges San Fran Nan

In what will be the most entertaining political race in the next election, Cindy Sheehan steps up to challenge Speaker Pelosi. Even in the uber-leftist land of San Francisco, we doubt she has much chance of winning as an independent. If she ran as a Democrat, perhaps.

Her reasons are Pelosi failed to impeach President Bush, and if Madam Speaker doesn’t begin impeachment by the end of the month, Sheehan will announce running against the sitting speaker. We’re not big fans of San Fran Nan, but at least she has some experience. It’s unlikely the Speaker views this as much of a threat – Sheehan’s supporters are a minority even in the far-left universe of San Francisco.

Sheehan’s challenge does unmask one of the strange political issues regarding Iraq. Why if all the Democrats state ending the war is a priority, do they continue to fund it? Setting sunset dates is ridiculous. All the Democrats have to do (since they’re in the majority) is stop funding the war and it’s ended. The other option is to de-authorize it and the President must bring the troops home in accordance with the War Powers Act.

Why do they continue to posture but never really do anything? Hillary goes so far to say when (if) she’s president, she’ll end the war. But she can do that now, so why if it’s so bad do Democrats continue it? Perhaps in this battle Sheehan started we’ll find out.

No matter what, get your popcorn, this will be fun to watch. It’s the far-left verses the even far-lefter.


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