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Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart Cuts Public Safety

Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart again complains about not enough money for the County, while presiding over cuts in public safety. But why is the county still hiring? Commissioner Stewart obviously hasn’t heard the public when they state safety is number one priority. Why does Commissioner Stewart preside over cuts in public safety, while the county continues its hiring binge? (We’ve reported on the County’s hiring binge before, and nothing has changed since May 2007).

Current hiring postings as of July 10, 2007 (either new positions, or recently filled – see the list at http://www.co.lane.or.us/jobs/)

  • 207-025 LAND MANAGEMENT MANAGER $67,304 – $100,956
  • 207-068 MANAGER (Working Title:Project Management Office Manager) $64,353 – $96,530
  • 207-039 SENIOR PLANS EXAMINER $19.92 – $27.59/hour
  • 907-007 EXTRA HELP – Clerical

Doesn’t look like public safety is a priority for the County, does it? Why hasn’t a hiring freeze been implemented? Instead, County Commissioners hire in some areas, and layoff others (always it seems in public safety/jail operations). Is that fair?

Don’t forget they nuisance abatement specialist the county just hired. Citizens of Lane county, are these your budget priorities? They’re the priorities of the County Commissioners; Faye Stewart just happens to be the most vocal about the lack of money, always desiring tax increases to pay for bungled fiscal policy by County Commissioners. Why hasn’t a hiring freeze been implemented? The most basic financial principle is don’t spend more than you have. Why does the County continue to increase it’s financial obligations by continued new hiring? You didn’t answer that question in your editorial, Mr. Stewart.

Even though we were able to keep parks open, it’s important for citizens to know that we were not able to keep 78 jail beds open for the purpose of sanctioning and holding local offenders accountable. Further reductions to other corrections programs (including the inmate road crew and Community Corrections Center) result in an overall 18 percent reduction in supervision of offenders on any given day.

That decline in public safety capacity should not go unnoticed. Nor should the loss of the deputy assessor position and the reduction of drug supervision and treatment services.

Citizens continue to state public safety is priority number one, but it doesn’t appear to be the County’s priority; don’t forget the 20% raises given to managers last year. But don’t worry, citizens, if no sherriff is available, the County has a newly hired nuisance abatement specialist on the job! And increased salaries for managers! And continued hiring of new managers, assistants and other non public safety jobs! Sleep better, Lane County, your County Commissioners are on the job insuring you’ve got the best-paid and most management available. Sorry we had to cut public safety, but if you’d just vote for that tax …

The greatest concern for citizens must be the inability to sustain efforts to address community needs – including public health, safety and transportation – because of the ebb and flow of resources.

That lack of capacity sends the wrong signal to offenders, substance abusers, domestic abusers and property criminals.

The “ebb and flow” of resources is completely controlled by the County Commissioners. If there’s too much flow, it’s their responsibility to control it. Based on the hiring binge, how are they doing?

Mr. Stewart, why do you refuse to implement a hiring freeze? Why do Commissioners refuse to make public safety a priority? Your editorial doesn’t have the answers, just more of the same complaining about lack of revenue.



  1. themagiceye says:

    Another flash from Eugene, Oregon:
    Lane County Commissioner Faye (Stumps) Stewart grandson of the Timber Baron Stewart filed a 990 form with the IRS in 2007 listing assets of $1,684,955,468 in U. S. Government Securities in his “Faye and Lucille Stewart Foundation”

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