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More PC Christmas Tree Controversy at Seattle Airport

Last year, the Seattle airport (SeaTac) made national news by banning Christmas trees (we commented on the Christmas tree issue last year). So after months of meetings did they come to a reasonable solution? Of course not. Instead of Christmas trees, they’re “peace and harmony” trees.

“No specific religious symbols should be used,” recommended the committee, formed after the port was slammed internationally for yanking down — then reinstating — its airport’s nine Christmas trees last December.

The 12-member committee, which consisted of leaders from diverse religious congregations, academia, law and retail businesses, has been meeting since April to try to resolve the matter.

“People were looking for a way to express common values — peace and harmony,” Tausend said. “It is a time of year celebrated by a number of religions, and those religions look to those common values.”

Naturally, the PC police are out as well at shopping malls, which served as a model for the airport.

He indicated that the decorations at Pacific Place in downtown Seattle might serve as an example; Lynn Beck, the marketing manager at that mall, was on the committee and told him that “at Pacific Place, there are no decorations during holiday season that anyone could point to and say Christmas decorations,” Reis said.

We suppose if they don’t want anything Christmas, they don’t want our Christmas shopping business either. After all, we wouldn’t want to offend any business by increasing their profits during Christmas season. As the political correctness police continue their anti-Christmas rampage, we won’t be shopping anywhere they don’t want Christmas business and might be offended by our purchases. We certainly want to be tolerant for their anti-Christmas views and wouldn’t want to bother them with increased business and profits. Instead we’ll take our business (Christmas and otherwise) to companies (and malls) who are more inviting.

We hope the companies at the Pacific Place mall don’t share in the ridiculous views of the mall itself.


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