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Lane County Wants Help with Budget

Now Lane County is asking for help with the budget from citizens. But will they listen?

Looking to the public for guidance, the five-member board will take the problem to the people in town-hall-style meetings starting later this month. But it’s anybody’s guess whether the public will bother to turn out. Last year, few citizens showed up for hearings about a proposed income tax to expand county public safety work. Voters then killed an income tax plan – twice.

Perhaps the public knows they’re not really listening. How many times have the Commissioners been told public safety is job number one? Yet they’re still on a hiring binge (see for yourself at http://www.co.lane.or.us/jobs/), and then cut sheriff and jail jobs? Is anybody out there?

Here’s a recap of recent news detailing failed fiscal policy. Citizens have spoken clearly on this issue, but consider the following and judge for yourself – are they listening?

Come on Commissioners, you’ve been told many times what citizens want, why can’t you do it?



  1. Colin says:

    I find it amazing that these people are elected to office to take responsibility for the budget. But once they are held accountable for their irresponsibility, they put responsibility (and subsequently blame) back on the electorate by asking them to decide. Should these people even be paid? The clearly have no desire to do their job.

    I wouldn’t trust them to park my car.

  2. Colin says:

    As if by divine will – a wonderful article came up this morning on Mises.org (economics website) which discusses the very principles at use here. I highly recommend it:

    Why Government Can’t Make Decisions Rationally

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