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Exercise Causes Global Warming

In a new article, it turns out driving is less harmful for the environment than walking. So if you want to be “carbon-neutral”, you should drive instead of walk. Gee, maybe Al Gore and John Edwards are on the right track with their private jets and McMansions. Save the planet, get a McMansion and a private jet!


The Reading Room

If you’re looking for reading material. we’ve come across some good reading material lately. First, Tammy Bruce’s “The New American Revolution”. Tammy is a lesbian, former president of Los Angeles’ NOW, pro-choice feminist Democrat. If that bothers you, you must read the book. She is a far cry away from “liberals” today, which are just a thin cover for radical socialists. The book is a good read, and while we don’t agree with her on many issues, the book is deserving of your time. Second, to get a first-hand account of what’s really going on in Iraq, “My Men are My Heroes” by Brad Kasal. The reality is far different than the “anyone in the military is an idiot and tricked to sign up” drone you hear from the left.