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If you’re looking for reading material. we’ve come across some good reading material lately. First, Tammy Bruce’s “The New American Revolution”. Tammy is a lesbian, former president of Los Angeles’ NOW, pro-choice feminist Democrat. If that bothers you, you must read the book. She is a far cry away from “liberals” today, which are just a thin cover for radical socialists. The book is a good read, and while we don’t agree with her on many issues, the book is deserving of your time. Second, to get a first-hand account of what’s really going on in Iraq, “My Men are My Heroes” by Brad Kasal. The reality is far different than the “anyone in the military is an idiot and tricked to sign up” drone you hear from the left.

People like me, pro-choice, feminist lesbians who live on one coast or the other, are no longer the “Radical Individual”. While that used to be the case in the sixties and seventies, it is no longer. As the left gained control of popular culture, through film and television especially, all the stereotypes were celebrated and elevated, and people like me became the cultural norm. (Page 46)

It is clear we will not, for the for foreseeable future, see a broadcast or cable series that features a while, Christian, pro-life man in any positive way. Or a gay person who is conservative politically. (Page 47)

And as a member of NOW (two years before she became president of the Los Angeles chapter), she recalls how NOW refused to intervene when an abortion doctor was accused of killing his patients.

I was, in essence, being told these women would have to be sacrificed in order to save the issue. This was my first lesson about how the individual did not matter. Winning on the issue was the only thing I needed to be concerned about, the individual be dammed. (Page 56)

Finally, as a pro-choice, feminist lesbian Democrat, she outlines her political philosophy (the classic Liberal, Democratic stance)

(Page 69-70) As a conservative Democrat, I fit within the Classical Liberal framework. Make no mistake, there is a huge difference between Classical Liberalism and today’s debased modern version of liberalism (which has become more and more socialist).

The principles at the heart of Classical Liberalism are:

  • The Importance of the Individual
  • Freedom
  • Private Property
  • Reason
  • Justice
  • Toleration and Diversity
  • Democracy
  • Conserving these American Principles

If you’ve only seen MSM coverage of the situation in Iraq, you should do some reading of first-hand accounts. As the left continues to paint them as ignorant fools, actually reading their accounts proves the left doesn’t have any idea what they’re talking about. Consider the story of Brad Kasal, from the book “My men are my heroes”

Both men were bleeding profusely from multiple wounds,but each man carried only one pressure dressing. “I knew a tourniquet was needed on the legs of both of us in addition to the upper body wounds”, Kasal says. “So this is where I made my first decision to die that day.

“I decided to use all our dressings on Nicoll so that at least one of use could live.” …

… I heard a noise to my right. I rolled half over to get ready for whatever was next. When I looked down I saw a pineapple grenade lying about three feet away from me on the floor”.

With nowhere to go and feeling too wounded to try, Kasal says he made his second decision to die that day.

“In all honesty I thought I was going to bleed to death from severe wounds and lack of medical treatment anyway”, he says. “So out of instance – and love for the Marine next to me – I did the only thing any Marine would do if faced with the same situation: I protected my brother. I rolled over, pushed Nicoll down, and lay on top of him, using my body to shield him from the grenade blast”.

After finishing both of those, try Zell Miller’s “A Deficit of Decency”

Take, for example, the initiation of a newly-elected United States Senator … in the first five minutes of your arrival, while meeting your party’s leaders, you are shocked to learn that the campaign you just worked your heart out to win is not really over. Your first and most important job, you are told, is to get, of all things, reelected. And not just yourself, but all the others on “the team”, whether you are on their side of an issue or not … Doing the work of the people back home is never mentioned. Wearing the “team” colors and becoming “relectable” is not only your first but your only goal. (Page 10-11)

And the interesting part, what they all have in common (save Brad Kasal) … they’re all Democrats. Proof the old party hasn’t gone totally wacko.


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