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Kathy Griffin and the J-Word

So maybe Ms. Griffin can finally get off the D-List with her recent award. Or maybe she’ll descend to the F-List after her acceptance remarks and her (ab)use of the J-word.

Upon winning this past Saturday, Kathy said, “Can you believe this s***? I guess hell froze over … a lot of people come up here and thank Jesus for this award. I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. So, all I can say is, ‘suck it, Jesus.’ This award is my god now.”

Ms. Griffin has the freedom to proclaim any inanimate object as her god – we don’t want to live in a society where you are restrained from proclaiming chunks of plastic and metal made in China as gods. (Be careful of that lead content, Ms. Griffin!). Our issue isn’t with what she believes, or her views, or her choice of god.

The uber-left preaches the trinity dogma of tolerance, acceptance, and sensitivity, but apply it only to select groups. We believe free speech is just that. But if you espouse free speech, you must understand you will hear things you don’t agree with, some which are downright distasteful. Unfortunately, the uber-left forgets this as they defend some speech, and persecute others. They are quite wrong in both their view and their application.

Ms. Griffin’s comments were beyond distasteful, they were blasphemous. Nevertheless, we defend her right to proclaim any god she wants, and defame and blaspheme any god she wants. But after hearing for weeks about Don Imus and his remarks (ultimately getting him fired), the MSM is strangely silent about Ms. Griffin’s speech. Why? Where are the protests her show be canceled? Where is the demand for diversity training? Where is the tolerance? Where is the sensitivity toward others?

Christians are the only group remaining as fair game. If she had directed her anger towards any other group (like the spotted owl), it would be front-page news, her cable company would be forced to cancel her show (while she takes diversity and sensitivity training), and she wouldn’t have to worry about making the D-List (or any other) as she would be out of work. But Christians? They’re the only group not offered the far-lefts protection in their drive for diversity and tolerance. It’s open season.

It’s sad such speech isn’t condemned widely. Not because of it’s content, but because it’s just uncivilized and rude. As society continues to preach tolerance and diversity, it continues to become more base. Ms. Griffin can believe whatever she wants, and can speak whatever she wants (and we defend her freedom to do so), but can’t she find more civilized ways to proclaim her distaste for religion? We would hope so.

From moveon.org insulting a four-star General, to the disgusting political attacks marking elections, isn’t it possible to have civilized debate and disagreement? Isn’t it possible for children to say “Yes sir” as a sign of respect? Can’t everyone be treated with respect, even if we disagree with their views? It appears not. Ms. Griffin’s comments demonstrate just how base society has become. Not because she disagrees with views others hold, but in the way she chooses to display it.

We would never want to restrict freedom of speech or religion, but most definitely want people to display civility. You can disagree with passion, yet act with civility. That’s what’s missing in society (and Ms. Griffin’s remarks). From religion to Iraq to elections, society has lost it’s civility in discourse.

We mourn its passing.

We hope Ms. Griffin is careful with her god and doesn’t break it at a post-awards party (do any god-repair shops still exist?), or worse, leave it unattended and have her god stolen. But maybe she can win a new god next year, as it appears no calls for her firing are forthcoming from the ardent defenders of diversity and tolerance on the left (perhaps they just missed the show and upon hearing they’ll announce their indignation). Maybe next year she’ll offend a protected group and get in hot water, but as long as she takes aim only at Christians, she’ll be fine.

We wish her well in her quest to find a god which can’t be stolen, lost, or broken.


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