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Democrat Rangel Says You Don’t Deserve Your Earnings

Keeping your wages is “preferential tax treatment you don’t deserve”

Democrats are at it again – raising taxes. That is, of course, not new news (they don’t call ’em tax-and-spend liberals for nothing). However, this is one of those rare opportunities when a far-left Democrat actually says what he means, and it should be a rude awakening. During an interview about his tax proposal, Democrat Rangel said the following:

ROBERTS: But, some people’s taxes will increase?

RANGEL: If you are receiving a preferential tax treatment that you don’t deserve, you can call it what you want – a tax increase. We will be calling it a loophole ….



Lane County Oregon Creates New Position – Assistant County Administrator

It’s nice to know Lane County has solved it’s money problems. Yes sir, after all the complaining from the County Commissioners, they found at least enough to create a brand-new position, the “Assistant County Administrator” – a position which didn’t exist until the Commissioners created it and will cost well over $100,000 per year.

We’re sure creating new management positions was the number one priority during the county’s discussions with the citizens. Not more police, or road work, or funding the jail. Gee, let’s hire more management and then layoff police and close the jail! Brilliant!


Words that don’t fit together are oxymorons. Our personal favorite is “Microsoft Works” (just behind “congressional ethics”), but we digress. In case you missed the news, The Donald is starting a new reality TV show “Pageant Place” about the day to day lives of beauty queens. Not so interesting, until you hear who the “mentor” is going to be to these ladies.

Tara Conner. Yep that Tara Conner.

And now you know (as Paul Harvey would say) the rest of the story.

NASCAR – A Subsidiary of WWF

Anyone who watched Sunday’s race at Kansas now knows what many have suspected for a long time – NASCAR has lost it’s integrity. It’s a show, not a race.