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Lane County Oregon Creates New Position – Assistant County Administrator

It’s nice to know Lane County has solved it’s money problems. Yes sir, after all the complaining from the County Commissioners, they found at least enough to create a brand-new position, the “Assistant County Administrator” – a position which didn’t exist until the Commissioners created it and will cost well over $100,000 per year.

We’re sure creating new management positions was the number one priority during the county’s discussions with the citizens. Not more police, or road work, or funding the jail. Gee, let’s hire more management and then layoff police and close the jail! Brilliant!

Remember this extra $100,000 per year in new management the next time they whine about lack of revenue, and how citizens should just pony up more in taxes. Not only do they refuse to freeze hiring, they’re creating new management positions.

As the Register guard notes in it’s October 18 article, the County still faces big cuts such as closure of the county jail. But don’t fear, citizens, as the Register Guard reports, Commissioner Stewart defends the new position in spite of the dire fiscal circumstances – “Nevertheless, Stewart believes creating and filling the post was the right thing to do”.

Maybe it was the right thing if the priority isn’t what the citizens what – public safety. Close the jail and create more management? We’re sure that’s what citizens have told the County – hire more managers and close the jail.



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