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Alaska Airlines Discounts for Gay Travelers

Alaska Airlines is giving gay travelers an extra 10% discount (or charging heterosexuals 10% more). We didn’t believe it when we heard it, but go see for yourself at http://www.alaskaair.com/as/alaska/gaytravel/toc.asp

In “Our World”, diversity abounds. From the land of the Midnight Sun to the beaches of Mexico and Miami, from historic Boston to the desert of Palm Springs and Tucson. alaskaair.com is a welcoming resource for our LGBT travelers.

Of course, we wonder, who gets to verify the authenticity of the person doing the traveling?

So much for no discrimination and treating everyone equally. What does sexual preference have to do with travel anyway? We’d like Alaska Air to explain. Really.


Practical Politics

We recently saw an article on the danger of political pragmatism, that is, voting not for who you feel is the best, but picking the lesser of two evils. Instead, vote for the best candidate, even if they can’t win. Is that a practical strategy?