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Bizarre Abortion News of the Day

Two news items you might have missed in the MSM. First, from Jill Stanek.

Massachusetts is considering a possible ban on spanking where parents wouldn’t be allowed to spank children under 18. Yup, the people’s republic of Massachusetts is ok with abortion, but don’t spank your kid, that would be just wrong.

Combine that tidbit with some news from AP.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – Texas laws allow the killing of a fetus to be prosecuted as murder, regardless of the fetus’ stage of development, but they do not apply to abortions, the state’s highest criminal court has ruled.

So by Texas law it’s not murder to inject a baby with saltwater and suck their brains out.

To show the insanity of this decision, suppose a woman decides to have an abortion. She’s going to the “clinic” to have her baby’s skull crushed and brains sucked out (oops, she’s “terminating a pregnancy by dilate and extract”). That’s acceptable by Texas law.

Now suppose, on her way to the clinic, she’s in an automobile accident and the baby dies. That’s murder by Texas law. But what’s the difference? The child is dead either way. So murder is determined not by the act, but the motives of the mother who may (or may not) want the child to live? Thus the “mother” becomes judge, jury and executioner.

First situational ethics, now situational murder.

This is the bizarre result you get when nothing is absolute and situational ethics rule the day. You may be pro-abortion or pro-life, but this decision by the Texas court stinks and produces illogical results which cannot be reconciled. If you’re pro-abortion, you cannot charge someone with murder if a mother’s baby dies from a crime or accident or other occurrence. It’s illogical. It’s either both murder or not. If you’re pro-life, they’re both murder, and if you’re pro-abortion, neither is.

This is also what happens when judges try to do the job the legislature is supposed to do. Roe v Wade is bad case law, not for what it does, but because it’s not a job for the court to begin with. The abortion question is a legislative issue, not a court issue. Courts are to interpret the law, not create it. This recent Texas decision is the mess created by radical judicial activism.

That’s the twisted mess the country finds itself in regarding abortion, creating irreconcilable case law like what exists in Texas.


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