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Romney’s Attack Ad False and Misleading

As Mitt Romney’s campaign continues to take on water, he’s gone negative in his battle to regain the top spot. But negative attacks can work for or against a candidate, and in this case we wonder what the effect could be since reports now come in Romney’s ads are not exactly correct. Of course, bending the truth is an art form in politics, but as Mr. Romney is known as a flip-flopper already, does he really want to be known as a flip-flopper on the truth? From Newsweek:

Romney attacks Huckabee again with false and misleading claims.

Romney launched another negative ad in Iowa this week, where the Republican presidential candidate has been battling the new front-runner, Huckabee.

The ad says Romney “got tough on drugs like meth” while governor of Massachusetts, but the legislation he supported never passed, and his state’s laws are much weaker than Arkansas’. Convicted meth dealers face both minimum and maximum prison terms in Arkansas that are four times longer than those in Massachusetts.

The ad misrepresents news articles, implying that they supported Romney’s actions as governor when that’s not what the news organizations said. One article, in fact, gave critical views of Romney’s refusal to issue a pardon.

We originally thought Mr. Romney was a decent candidate, but after further review we’re not fond of Mr. Romney’s flip-flops on abortion and other issues (nobody knows what he really believes, as he’s held contradictory positions on most issues), and now that he’s gone negative, we don’t really have much left to like about Mr. Romney’s campaign at all.

In short, if you’re a Republican and want the Democrats to win the White House, Romney is your guy. If you think John Kerry’s flip-flops were bad, Romney’s are worse – imagine the political ads endlessly running about Romney’s flip-flops and you’ll see what a Romney campaign would be like (back to the future or it’s Deja-vu all over again).




  1. Wil Clarke says:

    Great article, finally someone gives us the truth, since Romney won’t.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I just looked up on the internet the question “Does Mormon Church teach that Jesus and Satan are brothers”. They do, and everyone who wants to know should get the truth of what they teach. This is a false teaching, I found out that they also teach that they are the ONLY CHURCH WHO TEACHES THE TRUTH. THAT TOO IS FALSE. I DO NOT TRUST ROMNEY, I BELIEVE HUCKABEE WILL GET OUR VOTE. HE IS AN HONEST MAN WHO CAN BE TRUSTED TO BRING AMERICA BACK TO COMMON SENSE.

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