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Hunger in Oregon – A Christmas Request

Our normal focus is on politics, but as any reader knows part of Constitutional Conservatism is charity and taking care of your fellow man. At this time of year, one of the worst ignored problems is people who don’t have enough food; while most of us worry about buying the right presents, some just worry about feeding their family.

This ought not to be, and we have the power to improve the situation.

Oregon ranks as one of the worst in the country for what’s called “food insecurity” (better known as hunger), and in Oregon one of the worst areas is Linn County. An organization helping in this area is Linn Benton Food Share, serving both Linn and Benton Counties in Oregon.

Another part of Constitutional Conservatism is personal responsibility; you must be careful your charity dollars are used most effectively. Linn Benton Food Share received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator (a group which rates charities), and has for the last four evaluations. In short, that places them in the top 4% of charities rated by Charity Navigator.

They are not a United Way agency, so most of their support comes from individuals. They can use money, volunteer time, or you can work with a food drive. Whether you support them or another charity group, please remember the downtrodden in our society and help out. Nobody in this nation should go hungry.

Merry Christmas, and God bless you.


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  1. weatherdem says:

    Good on you for providing an action people can take!

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