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A Political Tempest for Change

Now that the dust has settled on the huge wins of Huckabee and Obama (and the stunning defeat of the political establishments picks from both parties), it’s interesting some of the media has finally picked up on what we’ve been saying for a while – citizens are mad as hell about politics as usual and aren’t going to take it anymore. We’ve been reporting about Obama and Huckabee’s surge and the central theme is the same for both men: it’s time for new faces and a change in Washington.

DES MOINES, Iowa – Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee rearranged the landscape of the presidential race Thursday with stunning victories in the Iowa caucuses.

“We are choosing hope over fear,” Mr. Obama told supporters after his victory, as a raucous crowd chanted, “Obama, Obama.” “We are choosing unity over division and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America.

Mr. Huckabee sounded a similar theme.

“Tonight what we have seen is a new day in American politics … tonight, it starts here in Iowa, but it doesn’t end here,” he said. … “He has work to do,” said Tim Hagle, a political science professor at the University of Iowa. “But it’s clear that there are voters who like his approach.”

Romney poured millions into Iowa and was met with stunning defeat, while the Democrat heiress herself came in third. The two men who won come from different parties, but share one thing in common: the message of hope, change and a genuine new path in politics.

It’s time for a return to integrity and honesty (and sanity); we hope voters in other states agree with Iowa. It’s time for change, and not some last-day conversion as desperate candidates seek votes. Romney finally figured out on the flight from Iowa to New Hampshire voters are mad at Washington, and now says he’s the candidate for change. Where have you been, Mr. Romney?

The question is, will voters in New Hampshire, Michigan and elsewhere continue this rejection of the establishment picks, or will the political machines of the major parties snuff out the spreading prairie fire of change? We hope not; it’s time for something different. Republican elites had their shot, and failed. Democrats were given majorities in Congress and accomplished zip. Romney is the pick of the Republican Elites, and Clinton hasn’t done anything in Congress.

The Republican party is in shambles, and the Democrats failed to get anything done. Why would we want more of the same? Neither candidate is perfect, yet in this election they’re the best chance for meaningful change in attitude in Washington. The more they advance, expect the attacks to become more fierce and nasty. The political machines will violently protect their turf against what they feel are two wandering children.

His [Huckabee’s] powerful appeal to females, the young and the poor make him a different kind of Republican, who connects with voting blocs the GOP needs to win back. He’s hardly the one-dimensional religious candidate of media caricature.

Yet do these two have a chance against the machines of both parties? We hope so, but it comes down to money, and responding to attacks. This campaign will likely be one of the nastiest on record, as the establishment picks are now backed into a corner and will fiercely defend what they believe is rightfully theirs and pre-ordained by the leadership.

Tammy Bruce, who describes herself as “an openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush authentic feminist” (and lifelong Democrat) had this to say about Obama’s win.

The real story of the night, actually, was not the faltering of the Hillary campaign, but the fact that a black American for the first time in our history, won a primary/caucus for the presidency. And this won’t be the first one. As I’ve noted, however, he will not be the nominee simply because the system is rigged for the establishment candidate, the choice of the Elites. And that ain’t Barack Winfrey. Maybe in 8 years it is, but it isn’t now.

Newsweek editor Jon Meacham said this on PBS’ Charlie Rose show about Huckabee.

if I were a Republican establishment figure right now, I would be quite flummoxed. Because your favorite candidate, Romney, looks to be possibly dead in the water. Your other most plausible nominee, Senator McCain is someone that the establishment has always been rather uncomfortable with because of his views on campaign finance and corporations and that sort of thing. But now you have to figure out how do you stop Huckabee.

How do you stop Huckabee? It’s not disagreement over policy, it’s simply Huckabee isn’t the establishment pick – that award goes to Romney. So for the Republican machine, the question is simply stopping Huckabee’s surge anyway they can. Expect more negative attacks from Romney towards Huckabee for two reasons – first, negative attacks sometimes work, and Romney’s desperate. Second, it takes the focus away from Romney’s flips on almost every issue – something he desperately wants to avoid talking about.

So the media is finally figuring out what we’ve known all along – Clinton/Romney are the establishment picks of the elites. But Romney’s millions failed to deliver a victory; Hillary can come back to win, but if voters in New Hampshire reject Romney, his campaign could be over.

We welcome the change, and hope it continues. It’s time the political parties remember they work for the citizens, not the other way around. Don’t listen to the money or the pundits; it’s time to reject the major parties establishment picks.

Iowa did, and we hope the trend continues.


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