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Romney Flip-Flops on Change

Mr. flip-flop is getting old (but funny) when he stated he’s the only candidate for change, then associated McCain with old-time Washington. But everyone knows a Romney flip-flop is out there, and here it is (from CNN):

“There’s no way that Sen. McCain is going to be able to come to New Hampshire and say that he’s the candidate that represents change – that he’ll change Washington. He is Washington,” Romney said on the campaign trail Friday.

Shortly afterwards, the McCain camp circulated comments Romney made when he was running for governor of Massachusetts more than five years ago.

“One of the reasons the people of America honor Sen. McCain and why I’m so proud to have him standing with me today is that he has brought American values to the debate on the issues we care about,” Romney said at the time. “He [McCain] has always stood for reform and change.”

It looks like the Romney campaign didn’t have time to properly research his comments. You’d think with all the accusations of flip-flop, he’d research his statements more to avoid such contradictions. After all, it’s sad when you can’t even be consistent on change.


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  1. underdog says:

    oh.. oh.. me too me too..

    im for change

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