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Real Change Requires Real Change

“Real change requires real change” – that’s Newt Gingrich in his newsletter with a theme he’s been talking about for a while. Newt was perhaps the first to note people are mad with the party elites, and want real change, not a theme from a campaign meeting (see more of what Newt says at americansolutions.com). He’s put together a list of issues both Republicans and Democrats can agree on, calling it “The Platform of the American People”.

Change Comes From the People, Not Washington: As the mid-term 2006 elections approached, I advocated what I call the Ronald Reagan-Contract with America Rule: Americans are hungry for real change, and real change doesn’t come from Washington and the party elites. It comes from the American people.

The leader of the most powerful machine in the Democratic Party, Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, came in third in Iowa. The wealthiest man in the race and the person who spent between 10 and 20 times as much as Gov. Huckabee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, came in second in Iowa.

Iowans rejected the effort to dominate them by presumption and money. They decided they would vote for real change.

In this election the party elites are Clinton/Romney. In spite of his millions (ABC News reports Romney spent more on ads than all others combined) and negative attacks, Romney lost again in New Hampshire. His strategy to win both Iowa and New Hampshire by using millions of his own money failed – his flip-flops and negativity will haunt him for the remainder of this election.

Republican primary voters in New Hampshire were asked which Republican candidate practiced dirty politics the most during the campaign, with 39 percent naming Mitt Romney, according to a FOX News Election Day poll.

The poll found that no other Republican candidate was named by 10 percent or more (32 percent did not name anyone).

His latest attempt to jump on the “change” bandwagon failed. Romney’s flip-flops are well known, and this latest “I’m for change” is just the most recent in say-anything-to-get-elected mode. After defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire (his backyard), Romney is in a must-win situation in Michigan. If he doesn’t win decisively there he’s basically done, although he won’t drop out as he has his personal millions to fall back on (Romney likely could continue the race entirely with his own millions, even if nobody gives another dollar to him).

Clinton is reported to have a shake-up in her campaign staff, but it’s really just a return to Bill’s group. Hillary positioning herself as a “change” candidate is funny. Does anyone really believe it? She’s firmly stuck in the 90’s. But don’t count her out, her stunning upset (by crying!) in New Hampshire shows the strength of her machine, the dedication of her followers, her willingness to do what it takes to win, and dedication to what she believes is rightfully hers by fiat.

Voters want change, political party leadership doesn’t. They’ve got ways to work the system in their favor, one of which we’ll detail next week. No matter how hard citizens what change, both major parties work together to maintain the status quo. Clinton/Romney, as much as they’re competitors, will work together if necessary to stomp out the mavericks in their midst. The party elites (Clinton/Romney) do not want change, they want the status quo – after all, it’s in their best interests.

Is it in yours?

Because real change requires real change.


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