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Senate Democratic Leadership Stalls Stimulus Package

Senate Leadership (Harry the-war-is-lost Reid) brought the stimulus bill to a vote he knew would fail. Why would he do such a ridiculous thing? He’s trying to put the Republicans in a bad position in an election year. But the Republicans called his bluff, and he’s left holding a pair of deuces.

Both sides are to blame. Reid would not allow amendments or debate, insisting on an all-or-nothing vote on his billions of spending additions to the stimulus bill. Republicans (feeling slighted) refused to go along with all the additional spending. But most of the blame is Reid’s — he knew the bill would fail, and thus the stimulus package is delayed.

Speaker Pelosi (to her credit), while working with House Republicans and the President came to a compromise bill which could everyone could support. Nobody got everything they wanted, but everybody got something — such is the nature of politics. In the end, it’s a good compromise, and the speed of the solution shows it is possible to work together.

We’ve been hard on Speaker Pelosi in the past for her many missteps, but in this situation she did a good job — and exactly what citizens expect (and should demand). She should be commended for working with Republicans and quickly finding a solution which everyone could support (except Democrat Harry Reid), even though nobody got everything they wanted. The goal was to quickly find a bipartisan solution, and Speaker Pelosi along with Republican leadership worked with the President to rapidly form a solution. That’s what they should do, and what they did.

Some people say the stimulus package won’t perform as needed and should not be passed anyway. But that horse has left the barn; everyone in Washington (on both sides of the aisle) have already agreed to a general outline of a economic bill, the only question is how fast, and how much. As such, if the bill is to have any effect at all it must be done quickly — Speaker Pelosi and House Republicans did their job.

But Harry Reid is another matter and is desperately trying to become relevant as he’s continually overshadowed by Speaker Pelosi. In an attempt to get news time, he’s deliberately delayed the bill by using tactics he knows will fail. In the end, Reid is responsible for the delay in passing the bill, and even possibly unraveling the bipartisan support previous negotiations obtained. Harry Reid should be ashamed, and Senate Democrats should consider another leader — Reid continues bumbling along to the detriment of the country.

Speaker Pelosi negotiated $600 per person, and $300 per child as a rebate, to be sent out ASAP. When your check is delayed and reduced by Reid’s additional spending and pathetic maneuvering, send a note to Harry Reid thanking him for stalling and delaying the bill.



  1. UPDATE: Senate passes bill similar to House bill after week of Reid’s delay.

    As you’ve probably heard by now, the stimulus bill finally broke through Reid’s delays in the Senate.

    The 81-16 vote capped more than a week of political maneuvering that ended only when majority Democrats dropped their demand that the proposal offer jobless benefits, heating aid for the poor and tax breaks for certain industries.

    The retreat came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sided with Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Pelosi, D-Calif., urged the Senate to stop its infighting and pass the bill.

    “There’s no reason for any more delay on this,” Pelosi said.

    It’s strange when San Fran Nan is the voice of reason; maybe she’s finally learning what the Speakership requires. But whatever the reason, in this case she’s worked with people across the aisle to accomplish a goal (in contrast to Harry the-war-is-lost Reid — if he had his way, the Senate would still be arguing).

  2. Linda Mrazek says:

    I think the stimulus package was unfair not well thought out. I lost my job 2 years ago (after 18 years) and relocated to Florida. I am still unemployed and had to use my entire 401k ( I am 53 years old)and half of my husbands 401k money to survive. We are not receiving anything because the withdrawals took us over the top. I have worked for over 30 years and have received no help from the government.

    I’m sure there are many other people with the same or similar situations who don’t find this package very fair!

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