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Obama Wins Nomination

That should have been the story Wednesday morning — the Clintons must win 60% of the remaining delegates to overtake Obama. ABC News reports Obama has 1,566 delegates and Hillary with 1,457, with 611 delegates left to win. The Clintons need to win about 60% of the remaining delegates, and as we’ve seen so far this race is almost 50-50 — it’s quite unlikely Hillary can win that big in the remaining states.

It’s most likely Obama will win the delegate count, but the Superdelegates could turn against him and go for the Clintons, reversing the will of the people. The interesting point is after the last few elections, Democrats bloviated about “count every vote” and “the will of the people”, but now that it doesn’t benefit them, the Clintons don’t really care what the people want — Hillary believes the job is hers by fiat.

The Clintons have been able to play the “experience and fear” card lately, which seems odd. Hillary has only just over one term in the Senate, and she says Obama is inexperienced? Hillary wants to share Bill’s legacy — taking credit for the good things, and leaving Bill with the bad. So far, that strategy is working as voters appear to merge the two Clinton’s records together.

The one thing we’re sure she worked on pre-Senate days is “Hillarycare”. And that was such a disaster it’s no wonder she doesn’t mention it much — Hillary has been quite vague what all this “experience” is.

Dick Morris had a good idea about what Obama should have responded with on Hillary’s 3AM phone call ad she ran in Texas. She could have answered the phone at 3AM, and then said “Bill, it’s for you”. Now THAT would have been a good counter-ad for Obama.

If the Democratic party does in fact give the Clintons the nomination and overturn the will of the people who want Obama, we believe it will damage the party for years to come. You can’t preach the will of the people, and seek to overturn it with back room deals when it’s against you.

But all this may be moot. Howard Dean doesn’t want to wait until the convention to decide the nominee. He’ll likely try to broker a deal between the Clintons and Obama before then. Of course, the Clintons get the presidency, and Obama the Veep. He’ll sell it by saying Hillary is old, and this is her only shot, while Obama is young, and after eight years he’ll be in good position to mount another run — with the full support of the DNC.

The only problem for Dean is Hillary already has her de-facto VP (and shadow President) — former president Bill Clinton.


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  1. Hey fellow Barack Believer, I agree with you.-
    except I would oppose Barack running for VP. His vision for the country would only become worn and jaded by the constant ravings of the Clintons.
    We fight for Obama as President and we fight for Hope. Hope is what the Clinton Dynasty doesn’t have to offer. They can’t bring hope because they’re the ones that have left us hopeless…Right now we are given an opportunity! It’s time to show America how strong Hope can be.

    Thanks for your blog. Check out my featured video for more on this.

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