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A Democratic Do-Over Fiasco

The insanely stupid idea of a do-over in Florida and Michigan is beginning to make the rounds. You simply *can’t* redo fairly. What about Republican voters who crossed-over and voted for the Democrats? Will you limit the do-over to registered Democrats only? What about the independents? What about Democrats who voted for a Republican — they get to vote twice. The whole idea of a do-over is insane and fraught with problems, legal issues, and frankly, stupidity.

But a do-over is wrong on the basic principle of fairness (playing by the rules). We don’t agree with the DNC ruling originally stripping those states of their delegates, but the rules were made, and everyone had a chance to protest them and find a solution — nobody did. The states moved their primaries KNOWING what would happen, and did it anyway — they should have to abide by the rules.

If do-overs are allowed in those states, why stop there? Why not allow *any* state a do-over? After all, early states had a much more crowded ballot — in the issue of fairness, why not allow them a do-over with only two on the ballot? What about all those who voted for Edwards or Kucinich? Shouldn’t they be allowed a do-over so their vote “counts”? After all, once you start ignoring the rules, it’s anything-goes.

Are elections going to follow the rules, or can Democrats just change the goalposts in the fourth quarter? That’s the legacy Al Gore left the Democratic party — if you don’t like the way things are going, just try and change the rules to favor your side. Keep voting and counting until you get the result you want — vote early, vote often.

With this election appearing to conclude by throwing out the rulebook, ending up in back room deals and legal fights, Hillary is a lock to overtake Obama. She’ll get the nomination, as the Clintons are *much* better at fighting a scorched-earth, change-the-rules what-does-is-mean-anyway battle. In that scenario, Obama doesn’t have a chance and might just as well quit now. Obama simply can’t beat the Clintons on their turf — for Obama to win, he must change the tone, and now.

In the future the Democratic party shouldn’t bother with such trivial matters as primaries. They should just let the Superdelegates pick the nominee and avoid all this primary nonsense. The DNC isn’t going to follow their own rules, so why bother voting? Why have rules at all? Just let the party leadership pick the nominee and don’t bother worrying about what all those pesky citizens want.

That’s the issue facing the DNC and Howard Dean, and an ironic situation facing the political party calling themselves “democratic”.


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