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Obama Wins Texas – Will Hillary Quit?

You may not have heard much about it, but Obama won Texas (CNN) — 99 delegates for Obama, 94 to Clinton. We’re waiting for Hillary to bow out of the race — even Bill said she “had to” win Ohio AND Texas. Of course, just because the Clintons said something doesn’t mean they’ll actually do what they said.

What does “win” really mean anyway?



  1. kerry says:

    Please Quit Hillary!!!! Its over you can not win!!!!

  2. Jana Gigov says:

    Quit Hillary. Do it for the county.

    We have not forgotten white water, travel gate, file gate and Vince Foster.

    This country has been gutted.

    We need statesmanship, not another round of corruption and pork barrel politics.

    Your selfish ambition is hurting the Democratic party leaving debts and wounds tnat you just expect us all to forget because you WANT to be president and you want it more than you care about the fallout from your blind ambition.

    Quit Hillary. You’re embarrassing yourself and the Democratic party.

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