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Hillary’s Foreign Policy Experience – Where is It?

Hillary contrasted herself with Obama saying she is ready on “day one” to lead with her vast foreign policy experience; she’s basically claiming co-presidency with Bill, trying to merge her limited experience with his eight years (Of course, by her logic, First Lady Laura Bush should be running, but we digress). Recently, part of her claim to experience was “landing under sniper fire” in Bosnia in 1996. Great story, and works in well with her “I’m tough under fire” line — the only problem was it never happened.


It was supposed to be an example of Hillary Clinton’s battle-tested experience.

Senator HILLARY CLINTON: I remember landing under sniper fire…

ATTKISSON: In the speech last week, Senator Clinton was referring to her visit to Tuzla, Bosnia, in 1996 as first lady. The brutal war was over, but hostilities continued, and though the trip was exactly 12 years ago tomorrow, the memories seemed etched in Clinton’s mind.

Sen. CLINTON: There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.

ATTKISSON: Problem is, that’s not what happened. And we should know. CBS News accompanied the first lady and daughter Chelsea on that Bosnia trip. That’s Senator Clinton talking to me on the military flight into Tuzla, and these are the pictures we recorded of the greeting ceremony when the plane landed. Compare that to Senator Clinton’s account.

Sen. CLINTON: I remember landing under sniper fire. There was no greeting ceremony, and we basically were told to run to our cars. Now, that is what happened.

She is now claiming she “misspoke” about the event. Yeah, we *always* get confused when going to 7-Eleven for milk about the sniper fire — it’s common to see snipers around every corner when they don’t exist.

If her memory is correct about what she thinks happened, can she be trusted to run the country? And if it’s not, is inability to tell the truth for political gain what we really want?

Perhaps the country is so used to the Clinton tricks (Bill or Hillary) this isn’t really a big deal, but character matters. The bottom line is Hillary simply doesn’t have any more experience than Obama. If that is her defining difference in this campaign, the question is, will the people buy what she’s shoveling? As more records are released from her time in the White House, it turns out she was less important they she thinks.

The only proposal we know she was extensively involved in was “HillaryCare” early in Bill’s term. And of course, she doesn’t talk much about that. Why not? Perhaps if the country found out what her skills and experience really are, they’ll reject her by a large margin — Bill she’s not.

There may be a reason to prefer the Clintons over Obama, but experience isn’t it. Unless you’re really voting for Bill, not Hillary.


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