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Obama flip-flops Again (this time on Oil)

Here’s what we said on July 15:

… we’ll predict (if the polls continue to slide away) Obama will flip-flop on increased gas production soon — with something like “It’s what I’ve been saying all along, we’ve got to increase supply to lower prices”. As McCain and Obama are now tied nationally, the gas price issue will continue to create problems for Obama — especially as Obama’s policies (if enacted) make the problem worse. If the polls continue to move away from him, he’ll be forced to once again flip-flop for political expediency (“that’s not the drilling I remember”).

And lo and behold, the savior of the world flip-flopped again, just as we predicted. The polls continue to slide away, and he’s now for increased drilling. Surprise! It’s Change!

Could it be because the vast majority of the country wants to increase energy production at home he’s flip-flopped again?

Add the drilling flip-flop to flip-flops on gun-control, FISA, public campaign financing, visiting the troops, Jerusalem and Israel, and so on, and it’s quickly apparent Obama is just your basic old-school politician (but lacking experience) — been there, done that.

There’s nothing magical at all, just someone who will say anything to get elected, and if elected, will make the situation worse from his inexperience (when someone can make Hillary look good by comparison … ).

Of course, calling him a flip-flopper implies he actually held a position to change. Some of these involve changes (oops, “clarifications”) within a day or two.

So is Obama actually learning about these situations he was previously unaware of, and changing his views (in which case he lacks basic experience), or is he just changing for political expediency to help the polls?

Either way, it’s bad.



  1. Nicholas says:

    Even though we’re talking about politics, I think we should at least try to be fair. Obama continues to state that more drilling isn’t an energy plan, and that off-shore drilling isn’t a solution. He softened his stance on off-shore drilling to achieve a bipartisan energy plan that works.

    From the Financial Times: “He [Obama] continued to believe that “we can’t drill our way out of the problem”. But, he added, he was “open” to accepting some things he did not like in order to achieve “a genuine bipartisan compromise” that would include raising fuel efficiency standards and developing alternative energy sources.

    So Obama has a plan, but he’s also willing to work with others to bring about a plan that everyone can be happy with. Compared with McCain’s “We must drill now” plan, I’ll take Obama any day!

  2. thesouz77 says:

    A retard could have told you that when this war began oil prices were going to skyrocket.
    We should be asking why this administration didn’t have the foresight to begin real innovation in alternative energy sources. Last I checked, oil was not an infinite resource.
    And anytime the Middle East farts, oil goes up. As far as nuke plant locations are concerned, why not build one in Crawford, Tx? We should all be willing to make sacrifices.

  3. Obviously, no matter what this guy does, he can do no wrong. obama as president, give me a break!the real question is national security. Who do you want answering the 3 am phone call?

  4. thesouz77 says:

    I never said Obama could do no wrong. I just don’t think he’s the devil incarnate that’s implied by your own post.

    If George Bush has taught us anything, it’s that you can have all the experience in the world and still screw things up. You want experience when you had a guy reading My Pet Goat while we were attacked on 9-11? John McCain’s only executive experience is that he was in charge of his own rat hole in Hanoi. He is running a campaign like his POW status should guarantee him the Presidency. Please…that is absurd. Talk about entitlements…..”My name is John McCain…I was a POW…you owe me this!” I am sure that since republicans are in love with entitlements right now, they will oblige…

  5. 9-11 is a direct result of clinton’s ineptness. The complete downfall of America will come from left wing liberals who: besides eating up the rest of my paycheck, will do something much worse than dethroning a legitimate dictator who, by the way ,had tons of nuclear enriching uranium[yellow cake]….otherwise known as weapons of mass destruction… so yea, My Pet Goat is fine with me..I will take my chances

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