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War Changes … Everything

WAR doesn’t change anything! How many times have we heard the claim from self-righteous leftists protected by their betters?

Tell the dead in Georgia that war changes nothing. Tell it to the 100,000 or so people driven from their homes. For that matter, tell it to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin – he may finally crack a smile.

War doesn’t change anything? Wish it were true – but war has been humankind’s preferred means of effecting change.

We’re all – right and left – getting an in-your-face lesson about how the world really works. Passive resistance only has a chance when your opponent believes in the rule of law and respect for human rights. Gandhi was effective against law-abiding Britain, but he would’ve frozen to death in the Soviet gulag – if he’d lived long enough to reach the camps.

Putin believes in force. Just because we don’t share his values doesn’t mean he’s going to see the light. (Imagine a President Barack Obama pitted against Putin – the Left’s new messiah would be gobbled up in one bite.)

Putin doesn’t think we’re naive fools. He knows it.

That’s the contrast between theory and reality, fantasy land and the real world. No sane person wants war, but the reality is sometimes no alternative exists. If someone wants to exterminate you or make your country disappear from the map, what will dialog accomplish? A compromise? Like only exterminating half the people? Do you “dialog” with the rapist and try and understand their motives, and how their childhood drove them to savage acts? Or do you resist? (Hint: only one method works) As long as someone wants to kill you, dialog accomplishes nothing.

Evil exists, and must be confronted. Clicking your heals three times chanting “world peace” won’t accomplish much; the Georgia crisis is just the latest example illustrating the gulf existing between those living in reality, and those living on fantasy island (Let’s open up a “dialog” so we can “understand” their feelings — and while you’re at it here’s a cigar, and tell me about your mother, oh and are you going to eat the last slice of pizza?).

Will citizens realize the difference before the election and understand a leader must live in reality and deal with difficult situations, or elect Mr. Roarke, close their eyes, fly to fantasy island to meditate on whirled peas while the real world crumbles around them?

War changes everything. Sane people don’t want it, and we all wish for world peace, but the reality remains as long as one crazy person doesn’t accept the dream of living in harmony and peace with everyone on the planet it ruins it for the rest of us, and the wish remains fantasy. At least one greedy bastard always exists who will (without provocation) attempt to conquer lands and people in a quest for world domination. The question remains will you appease him in an attempt to quench the lust for power, or resist and defeat evil?

Appeasement never worked to stop greedy attempts for world dominion, and Einstein gave the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What makes the appeasers think it will work in any future situation? “Give peace a chance” makes a great song, but terrible foreign policy; there’s always one person who doesn’t agree, starting conflict to feed their lust for power. How will you deal with it?

History teaches war is part of the selfish greed of the human condition, and two kinds of people exist — those that understand the lessons of history, the existence of evil, and the reality of confronting that evil, and those living with Mr. Roarke on fantasy island.


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