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Palin Bashing – Think of the Children!

For todays factoid-that-isn’t, the Washington Post reports Palin “slashed funding for teen moms”. But it’s not true, according to IRS filings by the group for years ending 2006 and 2007 (where government grants totaled 1.2 and 1.3 million, respectively, and Palin approved 3.9 Million), while the Post reports “Palin reduced funding for Covenant House Alaska by more than 20 percent, cutting funds from $5 million to $3.9 million”, the IRS form 990’s paint a different picture, with a three-fold increase in funding.

If you look at Guidestar.org (a charity reporting organization), and read their IRS statements, you’ll note the year ending in 2006 their government grants were 1.2 million dollars, and Palin increased that to 3.9 Million. That’s a “cut” according to the Washington post.

And according to the groups 2007 IRS 990 the 2007 amount was 1.3 million dollars (line 1d), only slightly more than the 2006 amount of 1.2 million dollars. Palin effectively tripled the amount! And that’s a cut? Huh?

If the Washington Post has data to prove otherwise, they should show it and prove the IRS document is incorrect (or forged), and Palin reduced funding instead of about tripling it. Go look at the IRS documents and check it out for yourself.

So when is an increase considered a cut? The shell game works this way. When someone has a budget of $100 million, and the next year the proposal is for $150 million, but the final amount is $120 million, that’s a “cut” of $30 million, not an increase of $20 million.

To which workers everywhere say, “cut” my salary! Please!

Dick Morris (who worked for the Clintons) has a good perspective on the Palin bashing currently in vogue.

Some claim he made a mistake in choosing the Alaska governor. My bet is the reverse – that she’ll turn out to be a big win.

Even if I’m wrong, dropping her now would doom him in November. If McCain lets baseless, sexist smears set his course, he’d turn all the good Palin has already done for him, and should do in the weeks ahead, into a negative – demoralizing the GOP base and losing independents.

Understand: Palin is under attack because she was such a good choice.

Remember the Democrats’ central charge on McCain – “He’s a Bush clone.” By choosing Palin, something George Bush would never have done, McCain showed how really different he is.

Palin has an extensive public record – with more executive experience than Barack Obama or Joe Biden (or McCain, for that matter). She should be judged on her record, same as a man. If she is, she’ll survive these charges in great style.

And then the backlash will set in. Tens of millions of women have had to confront life experiences akin to Palin’s.

After years of electing plasticized creations of political consultants, we have the chance to vote for a real person with real peoples’ problems. In standing by her, McCain speaks volumes about his attitude toward women and his empathy for those who face family troubles. His loyalty illustrates not just his decency, but his sensitivity and good sense.

All of which illustrates the most fundamental point of this convention: That John McCain is no George W. Bush.

Palin actually has executive experience — how much does Obama have? His laughable claim campaigning for president qualifies as experience is … laughable. But will people buy it? How does a few years legislating (and a year campaigning) qualify for the highest office in the land, but a few years executive experience actually managing something not qualify for the second position? As usual, the mainstream media doesn’t ask the tough questions of Obama, giving him a pass.

Obama and the Democrats should tread lightly — methinks they don’t really want to remind everyone just how inexperienced Obama really is. If the election becomes about experience, Obama loses in a landslide.


Foundation Center (IRS form 990).


Hat Tip:

Michelle Malkin

Hot Air


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