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Obama’s 95 Percent with Harry Reid – That’s Change?

In his acceptance speech the other night, Barack Obama got big applause when he said that John McCain had voted with President Bush 90 percent of the time, and that he didn’t want to gamble on a 10 percent chance for change.

What Obama didn’t tell you is that he has voted 95 percent of the time with the liberal Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. That would be the same Harry Reid, who along with uberliberal House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, head up a Democratic-led Congress with a sensational 9 percent job approval rating. Obama is part of that liberal Congressional leadership of which 91 percent of the American people disapprove. Obama votes with them 95 percent of the time.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to gamble on just a 5 percent chance on change from that.

And then there is McCain’s new running mate, the Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin. The fact that Democrats are jumping all over her (albeit haltingly because they aren’t sure exactly HOW to attack her), tells you how worried they are. She’s a tax-cutting, pro-drilling, environmentalist, gun-toting, ice-fishing, hockey-playing, pro-life mom of five, with a son about to be deployed to Iraq. She’s one incredibly relatable person. Cool too.

The Democrats and their fellow travelers in the media have tried to attack her for being “inexperienced.” I certainly hope they continue down that path, considering the guy at the TOP of their ticket was approving dog license fees in Chicago 3 years ago.

In a campaign of dueling percentages, Sarah Palin has one that Obama, Pelosi, Reid, even President Bush would walk over their grandmothers for: as Governor, her job approval stands at 80 percent. Even apple pie doesn’t have 80 percent approval.

She is McCain’s secret weapon: solidly conservative, living family values, attractive, warm, and — what do you know? — NORMAL.

Do you like Reid/Pelosi and their Congressional “leadership”? Then Obama’s your guy, and the actions of Congress (like taking a vacation instead of tackling energy problems) will continue into the Presidency; if you like Reid/Pelosi, you’ll be pleased with four years of Obama giving you the same “leadership” as Congress has the last few years. How’s that working out for you? Iraq war ended as they promised? Has the mysterious Pelosi energy policy materialized yet? Oh right, maybe she’ll get to it after vacation.

Obama’s in trouble. If he brings up Palin as inexperienced, it only reinforces how unprepared he is for the job — lacking any management experience at all (only legislative, and only for a few years — and how many “present” votes did he cast when he couldn’t make up his mind?). It’s bizarre Obama’s team is equating his experience with Palin’s — the top of the Democratic comparing with the the bottom of the Republican — and he still comes up short on experience. That inspires confidence — hey look, I’m better than their VP!

If he tries to equate McCain with Bush, it reminds us Obama sides with Harry Reid and the single-digit-approval Congressional leadership (Reid/Pelosi) — the lowest approval ever and about 1/3 that of the President.

Energy? The no-energy plan (failing to increase supply guarantees price increases) verses increasing production and promoting alternatives. But keep your tires inflated (and wear a sweater while you’re at it).

It’s back to vague “hope and change” again, as Obama’s popularity becomes inversely tied to people’s knowledge of his positions. Mainstream American just isn’t that far-left; Obama’s hopes for the oval office hinge on not having his positions become commonly known to voters.

So it seems those Greek pillars just may represent something after all, because in ancient Greece, people were more enamored by rhetoric and passionate presentations than by principled truths and pragmatic solutions. In modern America, these few millenniums later, nothing seems to have changed. I might not be the smartest man on the political block, but I know fluff when I see it (or is it Puff?). Obama conducted his version of a political David Copperfield magic show. Will Americans really not see beyond his illusory performance? America, we are being duped again by fluff and folly, glitz and glamour, and hype and Hollywood.

It’s time for America to wake up before it’s too late! Reawakening our country and making necessary societal changes are the very reasons I’ve fully engaged in the culture wars with my new book (to be released Sept. 7), “Black Belt Patriotism,” available for pre-order from Amazon.com. It is my battle plan for winning back America. But it’s not just my plan; it’s our Founders’ plan, as I turn to them for their old solutions to our new problems.

Where’s the change again?


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