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Alison Grimes versus Mitch McConnell in Kentucky

Mitch isn’t the most popular Republican in 2014 — even among Republicans and conservatives. This should be an easy win for Democrats.

What does Alison believe on the issues? Consider her stands (from her web site)

I strongly oppose President Obama’s attack on Kentucky’s energy industry — sounds like Republican red-meat.

We must secure America’s energy independence and reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Standard boiler-plate politicians have been using since … well, Jimmy Carter.

I am running to protect and strengthen Medicare and Social Security. Political boiler-plate.

We must cut red tape and allow businesses to grow and create new jobs. More Republican red-meat.

We must target burdensome federal regulation of Kentucky’s energy sector, allowing our state to create new middle-class jobs across the state. Yep, more Republican red-meat.

The Federal deficit is out of control and it threatens the long-term strength of our nation. Rand Paul would be proud, Alison.

Nearly 680 renewable energy initiatives across 23 federal agencies and their 130 sub-agencies costing taxpayers $15 billion is certainly not an efficient use of taxpayer dollars. I also believe that we can make our Medicare and Medicaid programs more efficient without slashing coverage. Medicare spending is unsustainable. Is this Rand Paul’s web site?

Do you really think Pelosi/Reid would agree with her views — cutting red-tape, opposing Obama on energy, reducing regulations, and the deficit threatening stability of the country?

Washington has fallen short of honoring our commitment to our veterans. More boiler-plate.

So far, looks like a Republican, or … a Libertarian! What Democrat issues does she take?

INCREASING MINIMUM WAGE: In order to grow our middle class, we must raise the minimum wage to help hardworking Americans achieve a basic standard of living. That’s about the only thing on her “issues” page which strongly identifies with Democrats. The rest is Republican or (gasp!) Libertarian.

Go read her “issues” page and be honest — if no party affiliation came with it, would you rate the majority of views Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, conservative, or liberal?

What Alison Grimes Believes isn’t the issue

Frankly, for a libertarian-conservative, there’s a lot to like about her, in preference over McConnell.

That’s not the problem. The problem is the “D” after her name.

Who you really vote for

The way politics works today is you don’t really vote for the person — what Alison Grimes does or does not support doesn’t really matter. When she arrives in Washington, she’ll be forced to tow the leadership line — those leaders are Pelosi/Reid/Obama.

  • She won’t be allowed to challenge Obama’s stance on energy.
  • She won’t be allowed to support reducing regulations.
  • She won’t be allowed to cut pet “green” energy spending waste.

The only time she could do those things is when it won’t matter — i.e. when the leadership already knows her vote won’t matter.

She won’t really be allowed to support what she says she does.

The problem Washington has today is bills aren’t written by committee, brought up for debate, voted on, reconciled, and then passed to the President.

No, bills are written in back-room deals, then thrown on the floor telling members they can’t change them because then the deal will fall apart.

Then D’s and R’s brow-beat their side to support or not support it in its entirety.

What an individual congress critter believes has become irrelevant. Only party affiliation matters, and what the party leaders support.

Political Reality in 2014 and Beyond

What your candidate believes is irrelevant. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

If you vote for a “D,” you get Pelosi/Reid values.

If you vote for an “R,” you get McConnell/Boehner.

You don’t vote for a candidate, but party leadership.

The question for Kentucky voters isn’t Alison Grimes herself vs Mitch McConnell, but do the voters of Kentucky agree more with Pelosi/Reid or not?

… and you know those Democratic leaders don’t agree with much on Alison’s web site, they just hope nobody notices until after the election.


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