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Huckabee and Obama Win Iowa

NBC and Fox called Iowa for Huckabee, and it looks like Romney is in second. For Democrats it looks like Obama wins. Interesting results, as we’ve reported before Obama/Huckabee have run positive campaigns with messages of hope and the future and it looks like both will win, if the media’s projections hold. Perhaps it’s time for a shift in politics. We for one welcome the change.


Huckabee and the Fear of His Ability to Win

Our recent article about the rise of Huckabee nationally, and the Republican party’s fear of his ability to win, is just the beginning of a political shift in the country. Mainstream America is sick and tired of politicians selling them down the river, negative campaigning, and politics as usual – Huckabee stands out as someone bucking the system. From our previous article, one commenter called him a socialist, another basically said he’s a lock for the nomination.

Both are wrong.

Part of Huckabee’s appeal is that he’s not a business-as-usual candidate. He hasn’t gone negative, and his message appeals to voters. His final standing in the nomination process is likely to come down to money – the more he has, the farther he’ll go. If he can match Romney’s millions ($17.5 million of which came from Romney himself), he’ll likely be able to go toe-to-toe with answers for Romney’s attacks, already called “false and misleading”.

The real issue isn’t Huckabee himself, it’s the message people are tired of politics as usual and want a change in attitude. Democrats were elected to end involvement in Iraq and failed to do so; after a change of leadership in Congress, has anyone on Main Street noticed a change? Likely not. People are tired of the political fighting and negativity – it’s time for a positive message, and not more of old “I feel your pain”.

Is Huckabee for Real?

GOP Maverick Breaks with Republican Elites

Huckabee’s surge in Iowa and nationally sends shock waves through Republican establishments as a new editorial in the Washington Post by EJ Dionne describes the Washington establishment paranoia about Huckabee.

The Huckabee surge represents a break with what has been standard operating procedure within the GOP for more than a generation.

Romney appears to be the Republican Elite pick for the nomination, but his flip-flopping is legendary, as various reports demonstrate. He was pro-choice before he was against it (even donating money and appearing at a planned parenthood rally). He wanted to be a bigger supporter of gay rights than Ted Kennedy – until he changed his mind. He and his father marched with MLK – but only in his dreams. And on and on. (Cue the theme song from the old TV show flipper…)

Romney’s flip-flops make John Kerry look like Mount Rushmore. No matter what side of an issue you’re on, you can count on Romney to support it, and be against it. The country rejected John Kerry in part because of his infamous flip-flops – and Mr. Romney is orders of magnitude worse.

Romney’s supporters say he’s just changing positions as new information comes to light, and he’s growing as a candidate should. Really? Look at the latest flip-flop about how he was with his father when he marched with MLK; the only problem is it never happened, as reported by CNN.

During his recent speech on faith, the former Massachusetts governor told his audience how he had witnessed his father, George Romney, marching with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
Romney repeated the claim that his father, who was the governor of Michigan from 1963 to 1969, had marched with King on NBC’s Meet the Press last weekend …
But Romney never did witness his father march with King, as the campaign now acknowledges.

He’s flipped on abortion, gay-rights, and now historical events.

Romney has his millions and the support of Republican Elites. As the SS Romney takes on water and begins to list to the side will he be able to patch the holes with his millions and buy the presidency? His attack ads against Huckabee have been labeled “Misleading and false” (see references); he’s gone negative in the campaign in part to stem Huckabee’s surge, and in part to take the focus off his infamous flips and flops.

“If it was all about the money”, Huckabee said recently, “then we might as well put the presidency up on eBay”